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steel structure with overhead crane for Chile

Basic Information of the Project

Steel structure workshop and 30 ton overhead crane
Transferring crushing equipment for maintenance
Delivery time:
Oct, 2022
Installation time:
March, 2023
Installation method:
Online installation guidance

Video of Aicrane Double Girder Overhead Crane

Cooperation Between Aicrane and Our Customer

Customer’s Initial Requirements and Aicrane Design

The customer company is a mining services firm with over 14 years of experience, dedicated to providing manufacturing services, component repairs, as well as workshop and ground operations for mining and regional industries. The client needs to lift and repair the crushing equipment and requires expanding the operating area by covering the original simple shed. During our initial communication, Mr. Luis specified the need for a double girder overhead crane to lift and transfer the crushing machines for maintenance.

After thoroughly understanding the customer’s requirements, we promptly provided comprehensive solutions, including a double girder overhead crane and a steel structure workshop. We held video conferences with the customer, discussing container loading, installation, and after-sales issues.

Aicrane NLH overhead crane design
Aicrane NLH overhead crane design
Aicrane QD overhead crane design
Aicrane QD overhead crane design

After the video meeting, we confirmed the cooperation via email. In the initial proposal, the steel structure was designed to support a 30 ton double girder overhead crane. We provided both NLH European type overhead crane and QD type double girder crane designs for the customer to compare.

Upon learning that the customer planned to add another bridge crane in the future, we adjusted the size of the steel structure’s columns and supporting beams to meet the new requirements.

steel structure with overhead crane

The Final Solution for Our Customer

Mr. Luis confirmed the second version of the solution after the video conference. After discussing it with the company’s internal management, he decided to purchase an Aicrane AQ-NLH type 30-ton double girder bridge crane and the steel structure for the entire factory building.

The AQ-NLH type crane, our European standard double girder crane, boasts high quality, a maintenance-free design, excellent work performance, and a long service life. Additionally, our extensive experience in steel structure design and manufacturing, along with our cooperative clients in Chile who have purchased workshop steel structure parts from us, further solidified the client’s trust and influenced their final decision.

steel structure and overhead crane solution
30ton bridge crane and steel structure design
Products Manufacturing

After receiving the customer’s advance payment, we completed the production of the steel structure and overhead crane within the 45-day timeframe agreed upon in the contract. During production, our customer service team regularly updated the client on the progress with pictures and videos, ensuring the client was very satisfied with our timely service.

Overhead Crane Equipment Production
crane production
Product Shipping

We have a dedicated shipment department responsible for equipment delivery and providing customs clearance documents and other related materials. Upon completing production, we coordinated with the customer’s designated freight forwarder to confirm transportation. The overhead crane equipment and steel structure parts were shipped by sea and arrived at the customer’s site smoothly and on schedule.

steel structure loading

Installation on Site

The 30 ton overhead crane has now been fully installed and commissioned at the maintenance workshop, and the foundation installation of the steel structure has also been completed under our guidance. The 30ton overhead crane operates smoothly, efficiently transferring heavy crushing equipment from one workstation to another safely.

overhead crane 30 ton installation
crane and steel structure installation
Commissioning and Running

The overhead crane and crane trolley have now been fully tested, operating smoothly and reliably as expected. You can check the following two videos to see the 30-ton overhead crane and European trolley commissioning in the steel structure workshop.

Positive Feedback from Our Customer

customer from Chile

Mr. Señor, Luis Henriquez:

About Aicrane Products

“Aicrane steel structure and 30 ton double girder overhead crane solution fully meets our work requirements. The overhead crane has been tested and works efficiently to lift heavy crushing equipment efficiently, and improves our work efficiency. The crane product is good and I look forward to our next cooperation in the near future.”

About Aicrane Service

“Aicrane service team is very professional and provide us helpful online guidance. Although there was a time difference, they always responded to our questions within 2 hours, answered our doubts and assisted us during the overhead crane and steel structure installation process. I was deeply impressed by their professional and patient service.”

Aicrane Professional Services

pre-sale service

Pre-Sales Service: Customized drawing & solution offered (Technicians).
Online/Offline factory visit (Project Consultant).
Zoom meeting (Project Consultant & Production manager & Technicians & Management).


Sales service: Drawing & solution submitted & confirmed (Project Consultant & Technicians).
Production process updated (Customer-service team).
Documents submitted & confirmed (Shipping & Documents team).

after-sale service

After-sales service: Installation manual/video provided (Customer-service team).
Online guidance provided (Customer-service team & After-sales Engineers).
Site guidance provided (After-sales engineers).

Cooperation With Mr. Luis in the Future

Mr. Luis mentioned that he plans to purchase another overhead crane from our company once the steel structure workshop installation is complete. As a reliable manufacturer and supplier of lifting equipment and steel structures, we promise to provide him with the most suitable solution at a very reasonable and competitive price. We both look forward to this new cooperation and aim to build a long-term partnership.

At Aicrane, we deliver not just equipment but also comprehensive after-sales service and support throughout the entire lifecycle of the equipment. We are always ready to help our customers succeed in their business. The stories between Aicrane and our customers continue!