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Single Girder Bridge Crane Successfully Installed In Tanzania

Recently, a 3 ton single girder overhead crane has been installed successfully in Tanzania. This crane will be applied for lifting loads in the customer’s warehouse. After debugging, the single girder overhead crane works well in the warehouse. If you want to know the parameters of the crane and the cooperation progress, please keep on reading this post.

single girder overhead crane in Tanzania
Main Beam & End Beam Of The Overhead Crane

bridge crane in Tanzania
Crane Beam Installation

Parameters Of Single Girder Overhead Crane For Tanzania

Model AQ-LD
Lifting capacity 3t
Lifting height 6m
Span length 10.5m
Travel distance 25m
Power supply 400V/50HZ/3P

Details Of The Installation Of 3 Ton Single Beam Overhead Crane

About installation, our customer service team has arranged engineers for installation guidance online according to the customer’s requirements. Under the help of our after-sales specialists, the installation process was smooth.

The main beam was cut into three pieces, and the cutting point can be connected by flange and high-strength bolts, which were provided by Aicrane together. Depending on the drawings and the installation guidance of engineers, the main beam was also successfully installed.

Excellent Service Aicrane Has Provided For The Tanzanian Customer

  • Fast Response: When getting an inquiry from the customer, our project consultant quickly responded and discussed requirements of the customer. The customer said that he needed a cost-effective single girder overhead crane, and then our project consultant conveyed the customer’s requirements to the technicians.
  • Professional Crane Solution: According to the customer’s needs and budget, the actual working condition, and the materials to be lifted, our technicians advised the customer to choose the 3 ton AQ-LD single girder bridge crane.
  • Other Service: During production, Aicrane customer service team has updated the crane production pictures per week. Besides, the crane has passed the strict inspection before shipment. What’s more, the delivery was also smooth under the effort of the shipping & documents team. Through the efforts of both parties, Aicrane single girder overhead crane solution has been recognized by Tanzanian customers.

service team
Project Consultant

Aicrane service team
Aicrane Project Consultant

Aicrane Professional Engineers
Aicrane Professional Engineers

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