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Shipment Of 10 Ton Electric Winch To Indonesia

Congratulations! The shipment of Aicrane 10 ton AQ-JM electric winch to Indonesia is smooth, and it will arrive in Jakarta on time. The winch will be used in the machine installation plant to pull loads. This winch is with slow speed, 10 ton rated load, and it has two brakes (required by the customer) to guarantee safer operation.

10 ton electric winch for sale
Electric Winch For Indonesia

Aicrane electric winch for sale
10 Ton Electric Winch

Package & Delivery Of 10 Ton Electric Winch To Indonesia

We adopt export wooden box to pack the electric winch, which is safe and can minimize possible equipment damage during transportation. About delivery, we have professional shipping and documents team to book container, prepare and confirm custom clearance documents. Therefore, the transportation is smooth, and the customer will receive the winch on time.

Winch Package
10 Ton Electric Winch Package

Aicrane winch package
Package Of Electric Winch

How Did The Customer From Indonesia Find Aicrane?

The customer searched “10 ton winch” on the internet and found Aicrane. He clicked the website and was quite interested in Aicrane winch and service description. Therefore, he left a message for quotation of the winch. Our project consultant got in touch with him as soon as possible.

Our Crane Project Consultant
Aicrane Project Consultant

More Information About The Customer

The customer is the middleman, and the middleman is engaged in the sale of various accessories. He said he had a customer who needed a 10 ton winch used in the machine installation plant. Therefore, he began to search the machine at Google. Now, he is satisfied with Aicrane service, and he expresses that he wants to become the agent, and he planned to buy two more electric winches from Aicrane.

Looking Forward To Working With You!

If you have interest in this case, welcome to contact us, and you will get the great winch solution and free quotation. In addition to construction winch, Aicrane can also provide various marine winches. Looking forward to working with you.

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