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Package & Delivery Of 2 Ton Jib Crane To Spain

The 2 ton AQ-BZ jib crane has been packed and delivered to Spain. This crane will be installed in the factory to lift components of heavy machines. The machine is equipped with a chain hoist, which is also provided by Aicrane. Please keep reading the following contents to know more details.

Column of the crane

Horizontal Beam of the crane
Horizontal Beam

Technical Parameters Of 2 Ton Jib Crane To Spain

Lifting capacity 2t
Span 11m
Lifting height 8m
Lifting speed 6.8/2.3 m/min
Turning speed 0.45m/min

What Are The Details Of The AQ-BZ Pillar Jib Crane?

  • AQ-BZ jib crane is installed with high strength bolt connection.
  • The slewing angle of this pillar jib crane is 360°, which has flexible operation.
  • The crane is with the rail cover, which can protect the electrical devices when the crane is used outdoors.
  • The crane also has less maintenance because its simple parts that will be damaged potentially.

Chain Hoist For Sale
Chain Hoist

Reducer of the crane

Rain Cover of the crane
Rain Cover

Package & Delivery Of 2 Ton Jib Crane To Spain

Through the following pictures, you can see that the column and beam of the crane are packed in colored band cloth, and the hoist is packed in wooden box. Our shipping department has solved the shipping issues, and the crane will arrive in Spain on time.

crane Loading

Package And Delivery
Crane Delivery

Why Did The Customer Think Highly Of Aicrane?

Although the customer hasn’t received the machine, he also thinks highly Aicrane because of our excellent service. When getting the inquiry from the customer, our project consultant contacted with him fast. Then our staffs has provided the suitable crane solution for the customer. For the production pictures supplying, shipping and installation arranging in advance, our service team do these service well.

If you want to get this kind of machine and enjoy our great service, welcome to contact us. In addition to the pillar jib crane, we also have wall-mounted jib crane and wall travelling jib crane for sale. Looking forward to receiving your inquiry.

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