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Overhead Crane Malaysia

Overhead crane Malaysia mainly consists of single girder and double girder overhead cranes. Aicrane provides wide range of overhead crane solutions for Malaysian clients. The overhead cranes can be widely used in warehouses, workshops, garages and production factories etc. Continue your reading to select a suitable crane for your business or project.

European type bridge crane

European Standard Crane In Malaysia

Model: AQ-HD
  • Load capacity: 1-20t
  • Span: 7.5-28.5m
  • Lifting height: 6-18m
  • Lifting speed: 0.8/5m/min
  • Crane running speed: 3-30m/min
  • Work duty: A5
  • Customized service provided

Product Application:

This European standard 10 ton overhead crane is applied for lifting heavy machines at the machine manufacturing plant in Malaysia. It is with stable and efficient operation.

Focus On Overhead Cranes For Customers’ Projects In Malaysia

Malaysia is our important market, and Aicrane has provided various crane solutions to be suitable for projects of Malaysian customers. In addition, we have a branch in Malaysia to develop the business and offer after-sales service. The following cases can be your reference. If you want to know more details, you may contact with us.

Overhead Crane Malaysia Used In Various Industries

There are so many customers in Malaysia purchasing overhead cranes from Aicrane and using them in various industries. They usually use bridge cranes in manufacturing industry, steel industry, mine industry, foundry industry, etc. In addition, the explosion proof crane can be used in flammable factory. During cooperation, we should know the detials of your projects like crane application and project working site, which can help our engineers to provide you with the ideal crane solution.

  • 1. Manufacturing Industry: You can find Aicrane in different manufacturing plant like machine manufacturing, paper manufacturing, etc.
  • 2. Steel Industry: Overhead crane can be used in steel mill to lift steel coils steel plate, and other steel raw materials. Our reliable bridge cranes can improve the safety and productivity from moving raw materials to pour hot metal, to lift finished products.
  • 3. Mine Industry: Aicrane can provide grab overhead crane to move ore or mineral powder in mine plant. Grab crane is an ideal machine for mine industry. The grab is usually customized according to customers’ requirements.
  • 4. Foundry Industry: The heavy foundry overhead crane usually serves for foundry industry. This kind of crane has high lifting capacity.
  • Aicrane 10 Ton AQ-LB Explosion Proof Bridge Crane
    Explosion Proof Overhead Crane In Explosive Manufacturing Plant

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Providing Suitable Overhead Crane Solutions For Malaysia

In Malaysia, you can find single girder overhead crane and double girder overhead crane. For single beam bridge crane, we have hot-sales products like AQ-LD bridge crane, AQ-HD European overhead crane, AQ-LX underhung bridge crane for your choices. When it comes to double beam bridge crane, you can choose the AQ-NLH European bridge crane and AQ-QD double girder crane.

  • AQ-LD single girder bridge crane is with compact structure, simple operation and usually works with a wire rope hoist or chain hoist. This single girder crane has relatively low price than European standard crane, and it can be installed in different places like manufacturing plants, garages, warehouses, steel mill, etc.
  • AQ-HD single girder European standard overhead crane has the advantages of strong rigidity, light weight, intelligent control system, and low energy consumption. AQ-HD is with better performance compared with normal bridge crane. The customer can select the crane if the budget is sufficient.
  • Underhung overhead crane uses wheels that are supported by the bottom flange of the runway beam to move forward and backward. It can decrease floor space. The lifting capacity of underhung bridge crane is 1-10t, which is fit to relatively lighter materials. Besides, the crane is usually single girder crane.
  • AQ-NLH double girder European bridge crane belongs to a European overhead crane, which adopts FEM standard design. The overall technical level of the crane has reached the international advanced leading level. European overhead crane is with compact and beautiful structure, and it is suitable for your projects.
  • AQ-QD double girder bridge crane is designed for lifting heavier materials. It is with lifting capacity from 5 ton to 450 ton. There are many customers purchasing this kind of crane according to the loads they should move. The crane can be equipped with different lifting devices like hook, an electromagnetic chuck, grab and spreader, etc.

Overhead Crane For Malaysia Equipped With Different Hoists

Wire Rope Hoist

Normal Wire Rope Hoist

CD1 electric hoist uses a ZD single-speed motor. The lifting speed of the hoist is normal speed, which can meet the general requirements. Different tons of the hoist has different lifting speed. Commonly, the hoist with larger tonnage has slower lifting speed. Besides, you can choose the YH metallurgical electric hoist and HB explosion-proof electric hoist for specific working conditions.

Wire Rope Hoist
CD1 Wire Rope Hoist

European Wire Rope Hoist

  • Aicrane has ND European electric hoist for sale, and this kind of hoist usually works with European overhead crane. European hoist is known for its stable lifting, low noise and compact structure, low headroom height, etc. European hoist and overhead crane are both popular with customers from Malaysia. 
  • ND European wire rope electric hoist is mainly composed by motor, reducer, brake, drum group, running mechanism, hook and electric device, etc. In addition, ND European wire rope hoist has double lifting speed and frequency conversion.

Chain Hoist

The motor of chain electric hoist has high comprehensive performance to ensure the safety and reliability of the hoist and reduce the operation accidents.The suitable headroom height effectively saves space so that it is not limited by the narrow space.

Why Malaysian Customers Usually Choose Aicrane?

Reliable Products

Quality is important in today’s competitive market. The bridge crane from Aicrane is superior in quality and has advanced technology. Before shipment, all of our cranes have passed strict inspection, and we have ISO quality management system certificate, our products have passed CE certification. In addition, we can do third-party inspection or certification according to your request.

Experience And Expertise

Aicrane has exported plenty of overhead cranes to Malaysia, and we hope to beacome the well-known overhead crane manufacturer in Malaysia. Therefore, we have accumulated rich market experience. We have local service staffs in Malaysia to communicate with customers without barriers. Besides, Aicrane has local installation team to provide fast and professional installation service for customers in Malaysia.

Professional Factory

Aicrane has own factory, which can make sure fast and professional production. We welcome all the customers to visit our factory, and you can see the advanced production machine, skilled staffs and know the production progress in Aicrane factory. The following picture and video can show the strength of our factory.

Aicrane staffs

production process

crane configuration

Aicrane factory


Aicrane Excellent Service For Malaysia

  • Professional engineer team will guarantee fast response and professional proposal.
  • Local custom clearance partner can solve custom clearance issues for customers who don’t have import experience.
  • Customer service team can update production pictures and videos for customers reguarly.
  • Aicrane has three local service teams in West Malaysia, Sarawak and KK, which can provide installation service conveniently. Malaysian installation team is with more than 10 years of installation experience, which can guarantee timely installation and maintenance, even in Pandemic time.
  • Malaysia Service Team
    Aicrane Malaysia Project Consultant


How About Our After-Sales Service?
  • We can provide our service within 24 hours once confirmed, so it is very convenient for our business cooperation.
  • What’s more, our warranty is one year. If you have any parts damaged during this time, we will send free accessories for you.
  • If there is a major mechanical problems, our engineer in Malaysia will arrive your site for repair.
  • So you can believe the quality of our products, because the quality is always our culture, the service is always our mission.
What Is Overhead Crane?

Overhead crane belongs to a lifting equipment, which is used for lifting different materials in workstations, garages, factories, etc. Overhead crane can also be called bridge crane. The machine consists of many parts like mechanical parts, metal structure and electrical equipment.

It is usually installed on bearing beam to move forward and backward. The lifting devices can lift loads and move left and right according to trolley travelling mechanism. If you are planning to invest in an overhead crane, please put in touch with us.

What About Overhead Crane Price In Malaysia?

Ovehread crane price in Malaysia is affected to many factors. Firstly, different types and tons of overhead cranes have various prices. For example, 40 ton double girder ovehread crane is with higher price than 5 ton single girder bridge crane. Besides, some customers need cranes with different spans and lifting speed, the price will also be influenced.What’s more, the transportation cost and the price of raw material are also important factors affecting overhead crane price. If you want to know the exact price, please contact us and get a free quotation. Our experts will provide great lifting solutions and quotation for you.

What Are The Major Advantages Of Overhead Travelling Crane?
  • There are many types and tons for customers.
  • Our products are with high quality and good performance. 
  • The crane has low noise, less maintenance and long service life. 
  • Overhead Crane Malaysia is with simple structure, which is easy to install and operate. 
  • Overhead crane produced by Aicrane has excellent design and elegant appearance.
  • For providing a safer working environment, the crane adopts reliable safety protection devices like overload limiter, limit switch
  • Our company can provide customized service according to customers’ needs.
How Does Overhead Crane Work?

Overhead crane is designed to lift various heavy loads. How does an overhead crane work? Firstly, we should know some parts of overhead cranes. Lifting devices, hoist, trolley, travelling mechanism, and electrical equipment make the crane do lifting operations.

Overhead cranes usually travel on the bearing beam, and the hoist or trolley run on the main beam of a bridge crane. Different bridge cranes have various crane travelling speed and lifting speed. If you want to know more about crane operation, please contact our experts.

What Advanced Equipments We Have?

  • Gear hobbing machine
  • Gear grinding machine
  • Worm wheel hobbing machine
  • Key seating milling machine
  • Heat treatment furnace
  • Sand Blower

  • Numerical control machine
  • Combination type gear inspection instrument
  • Heat treatment cleaning machine
  • Three-coordinates measuring machine
  • Chemical composition analyzer
  • Tool checking instrument

How About Delivery Time Of Our Overhead Crane?
Commonly, the delivery time of our overhead crane is  20 to 40 working days, the lead time of electric hoist is 15 working days. Besides, if you need special customized cranes, the delivery time will be longer.
Do We Have Stock For Overhead Crane?
Generally overhead crane belongs to customized products and is designed in line with the different demands of customers. Therefore, there is not in stock for overhead cranes. While we have standard model electric hoist in stock.
What Is The Working Principle Of Anti-Sway Products?
The frequency converter is used to adjust the speed of each mechanism to reduce the influence of inertia, so that the smoothness of crane operation and lifting can be greatly improved.

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    6.Project introduction: project working site, project budget, etc