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Industrial Overhead Crane

An industrial overhead crane, also known as an industrial bridge crane, is a type of crane used in various industrial environments to move heavy loads across a workspace efficiently and safely. These overhead cranes are commonly found in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and assembly lines, and they make the heavy loads handling easier.

industrial overhead crane

Industrial Overhead Crane Cases

We have provided many overhead cranes for various customers in different industries, such as machinery manufacturing, metal smelting, precast concrete production, metal fabrication, mold manufacturing and more. Here are two industrial eot crane cases shown for your reference while you are seeking an overhead crane solution.

25ton Overhead Crane for Machinery Manufacturing in Nigeria

Two Aicrane double girder overhead cranes have been completely installed and used in Nigeria. These two overhead cranes are European standard cranes and used in the customer’s machinery workshop to transfer heavy materials, like steel coil and other steel components.

overhead crane for manufacturing workshop

Basic Information Of The Overhead Crane

Since the customer had high requirements on the crane, we provided the European standard crane solution – Aicrane AQ-NLH type crane for them to suit all their work needs. The lifting capacity of one crane is 25 ton and that of another one is 16ton, the span of the two cranes is 17.5m and the lifting height of them is 8m. In addition to the 16 ton and 25 ton overhead crane, we also provided the steel structure parts for the customer as they required together with the overhead cranes.

Delivery Of The Products To Nigeria

After finishing the production, our shipment department took charge in the delivery issues. The crane beams were packed with plastic film for rain protection, and the electrical and other small parts were packed in standard export fumigation wooden box, and reinforced by steel plate in case of any damage.

overhead crane delivering

steel structure delivery

Positive Feedback From the Customer

Currently, the two NLH European type overhead crane have been used reliably in the customer’s manufacturing shop to handle different kinds of heavy materials as required. The customer told us our double beam overhead cranes fully met their work needs and greatly improve the work efficiency in their workshop and they were glad to order the products from our company. Check the video to know the overhead cranes work in the workshop.

50 ton Overhead Crane for Equipment Maintenance in Chile

This Chilean customer sent inquiry to us with their need of an double girder overhead crane to tranfer heavy machinery for maintenance, after knowing they also required to build a steel structure workshop to maintain machinery, we provided them an integrated solution – the workshop steel structure quipped with a 50 ton double girder bridge crane to handle heavy machinery within the workshop.

crane installation in Chile

50ton crane installed in Chile

We dispatched our engineers to the site for crane and steel structure installation and commissioning, ensuring the reliable performance and operation. Our customer was very satisfied with our comprehensive solution and said they would cooperate with us again in the near future.

steel structure and overhead crane

Different Types Of Industrial Overhead Crane

To suit different materials handling requirements, we provide different industrial overhead cranes, like single girder and double girder industrial bridge cranes. No matter what kind of industry you are engaged in and what type of materials you plan to handle, you can just get a right and suitable indutrial bridge crane from Aicrane. Choosing Aicrane means cooperating with a reliable partner.

Single Girder Overhead Crane

Double Girder Overhead Crane

LD single girder overhead crane

AQ-LD Overhead Crane

Single girder industrial overhead cranes are ideal for light to moderate lifting tasks with lower headroom requirements. Aicrane single girder industrial cranes mainly consist of AQ-LD type overhead crane, AQ-HD European overhead crane, AQ-LZ grab overhead crane, AQ-LB explosion proof crane, AQ-LX underhung crane and more.

HD European overhead crane

AQ-HD Overhead Crane

AQ-HD type overhead crane is our European standard single girder crane used for various kinds of materials handling, it features compact structure, light dead-weight, excellent performance, free maintenance design and long service life.

QD double beam overhead crane

AQ-QD Overhead Crane

Suiting for heavier loads and longer spans requirements, we provide double girder industrial overhead cranes, such as AQ-QD type overhead crane, AQ-QDX type crane, AQ-LH low headroom overhead crane, AQ-NLH European type crane, AQ-QDY foundry crane and other types.

LH overhead crane

AQ-LH Overhead Crane

AQ-LH type double beam hoist overhead crane features low headroom, reasonable design, good performance and ideal price. It is suitable for facilities without enough headroom. This type of overhead crane is widely used in various industries for different materials lifting and moving.

NLH double girder crane

AQ-NLH Overhead Crane

AQ-NLH type crane is Aicrane European standard double girder bridge crane, this kind of overhead crane is versatile and with high quality and it is suitable for facilities require highly on lifting operations.

Integrated Solutions Provided by Aicrane

Since overhead cranes are usually used in steel structure warehouses, workshops, factories and more, we offer comprehensive solutions to help customers make the heavy loads transferring easier. Our integrated solutions are steel structures with overhead crane equipment, the customer can get steel structure workshop, hangar, shed and warehouses with different overhead crane products to suit the specific lifting needs.

overhead crane and steel structure

No matter what kind of solution you need, we can just recommend the suitable one to meet all your requirements. Reach out to us for a customized solution now for your business. Check the following steel structure and crane solutions for your reference now.

Design Considerations For Industrial Bridge Cranes

Designing an industrial bridge crane involves careful consideration of various factors to ensure optimal performance, safety, and efficiency. Below are key design considerations that should be taken into account:

overhead crane design

01Load Capacity

Determining the maximum weight that the crane will lift is fundamental. This includes both the average load and any potential maximum loads to be handled.

02Span and Lift Height

Understanding the required span (distance between the runways) and lift height (vertical distance the crane needs to reach) is critical for selecting the appropriate crane size and configuration.

03Duty Cycle

Assessing the duty cycle (how frequently and for how long the crane will be in operation) helps in selecting components like motors, brakes, and structural materials that can withstand the operational demands.

04Type of Crane

Choosing between single girder, double girder, top running, or underhung crane based on the specific application requirements, load capacity, and available space.

05Safety Features

Integrating essential safety features such as overload protection, emergency stop buttons, limit switches, and warning alarms to ensure safe operation and compliance with safety standards.

06Control System

Selecting the appropriate control system (pendant control, radio control, cabin control) based on operator preferences, visibility requirements, and operational needs.

07Material Handling Requirements

Considering the types of materials to be handled (e.g., steel coils, precast elements, machinery parts) and the required precision and speed for lifting and positioning.

08Clearances and Obstructions

Ensuring sufficient clearances between the crane and surrounding structures, equipment, or obstacles to prevent collisions and ensure smooth movement.

Applications of Industrial Overhead Cranes in Various Industries

Industrial overhead cranes are versatile and widely used in various industries for efficient material handling, lifting, and positioning of heavy loads. Here are some common industries where overhead cranes are usually utilized.

Industrial Overhead Crane for Machinery Manufacturing

Industrial bridge cranes are widely used in machinery manufacturing industry to handle large and heavy equipment parts, including engines, turbines, and industrial machinery components. This lifting solution makes heavy loads handling operations easier and more efficient.

industrial overhead crane for manufacturing

Industrial Overhead Crane for Warehousing and Distribution

Overhead cranes gurantee the efficient loading and unloading of goods, pallets, and containers within warehouses. They facilitate the movement and storage of inventory to optimize space utilization and streamline logistics operations.

industrial overhead crane in warehouse

Industrial Overhead Crane for Steel Mill

In steel mill industry, different overhead cranes (including foundry crane, magentic overhead crane, ladle crane and more) are utilized to move raw materials like steel coils, beams, and plates within the mill. They assist in steel processing operations, including rolling, forging, and heat treatment.

overhead crane for steel mill

Industrial Overhead Crane for Energy and Power Generation

The overhead cranes are usually used for lifting and positioning heavy equipment and components during maintenance and installation, such as turbines, generators, and transformers. They make the heavy-duty loads tranferring safer and quicker, greatly improving efficiency.

overhead crane for power and energy

Industrial Overhead Crane for Maintenance and Assembly

The industrial bridge cranes support maintenance activities by lifting and positioning machinery and equipment for repairs and inspections. They enable efficient assembly processes by moving components along production lines and facilitating ergonomic workstations.

overhead crane for assembly and maintenance

Industrial Overhead Crane for Construction Industry

Used in construction industry, the overhead industrial cranes aid in the installation of structural elements, such as steel beams, concrete panels, and pre-fabricated components at construction sites. The cranes can handle different materials and equipment for bridge construction, roadwork, and other civil engineering projects.

overhead crane at construction site

Main Components Of An Industrial Overhead Crane System

The components of an industrial overhead crane system work together to facilitate safe and efficient material handling operations within various industries. Each component plays a crucial role in the crane’s functionality and performance. Here are the key components of an industrial overhead crane:

overhead crane components

01Bridge Girder

The bridge girder is the main horizontal beam that spans the width of the crane’s working area. It supports the trolley and hoist assembly and travels along the runway rails.

02End Trucks

End trucks are mounted on either end of the bridge girder and house the wheels or rollers that move along the runway rails. They support the entire weight of the crane and provide stability during movement.

03Runway Rails

Runway rails are installed along the length of the crane’s working area and provide a track for the bridge girder and end trucks to travel. They are typically secured to the building structure or support columns.


The hoist is the lifting mechanism mounted on the trolley that raises and lowers the load. It consists of a motor, gearbox, drum or chain, and lifting hook or attachment. The trolley is a mechanism that moves horizontally along the bridge girder. It carries the hoist and allows for precise positioning of the load within the working area.


Industrial overhead cranes can be operated using various control systems, including pendant controls (hand-held devices with push buttons), radio controls (wireless remote), or cabin controls (operator cabin with joystick or push-button controls).

06Electrical System

The electrical system includes wiring, switches, relays, and connectors that facilitate the operation of the crane’s motor, controls, and safety features. It also includes power supply components.

07Safety Features

Safety features are essential components of overhead crane systems to ensure operator and equipment safety. These may include overload protection devices, emergency stop buttons, limit switches, and audible/visual warning systems.

08Hook or Lifting Attachment

The hook or lifting attachment is the point of connection between the hoist and the load. It is designed to securely hold the load during lifting and transport.

Advantages Of Using Industrial Overhead Cranes

The components of an industrial overhead crane system work together to facilitate safe and efficient material handling operations within various industries. Each component plays a crucial role in the crane’s functionality and performance. Here are the key components of an industrial overhead crane:

high quality overhead crane

01Efficiency & Versatility

Industrial overhead cranes provide efficient and rapid lifting, lowering, and movement of heavy loads, reducing manual labor and improving productivity. The cranes can be customized with various lifting attachments and configurations to handle a wide range of loads and applications.

02Maximized Floor Space & Precise Positioning

Unlike traditional floor-based material handling equipment, overhead cranes operate above ground level, maximizing floor space utilization for other activities. Cranes with advanced control systems allow for precise load positioning, reducing material handling errors and improving operational accuracy.

03Improved Safety & Reduced Labor

Overhead cranes are equipped with safety features such as overload protection, emergency stop buttons, and limit switches to ensure safe operation and minimize accidents. By automating material handling tasks, overhead cranes minimize the need for manual lifting and carrying of heavy objects, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries among workers.

04Adaptability to Various Environments & Customization

Overhead cranes can be installed indoors or outdoors, and they are suitable for diverse industrial environments such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, maintenance workshops and others. Industrial EOT cranes can be tailored to specific application requirements, including span, lift height, and load capacity, to meet the unique materials handling needs of different industries.

Choosing The Right Industrial Overhead Crane For Your Facility

Choosing the right industrial overhead crane for your facility involves careful consideration of several factors. Here are important steps and considerations to help you in selecting the most suitable overhead crane:

overhead crane selection

01Assess Your Lifting Requirements

Determine the maximum load capacity that the crane will need to lift and move. Consider the frequency and type of loads (e.g., bulk materials, machinery components) to be handled.

02Evaluate Space And Layout

Measure the available space, including ceiling height and floor area, to determine suitable crane dimensions and configuration (e.g., span, lift height). Consider the layout of your facility to identify the optimal location for installing the crane and runway system.

03Understand Application Specifics

Identify the specific tasks and applications for which the crane will be used (e.g., assembly, loading/unloading, maintenance). Consider the required precision, speed, and maneuverability based on your operational needs.

04Choose The Right Overhead Crane Type

Select the appropriate crane type based on your lifting requirements and facility constraints, including single girder crane, double girder crane, top running crane and underslung crane.

05Consider Environmental Factors

Evaluate the operating environment, including temperature, humidity, and exposure to corrosive substances, to choose suitable materials and protective coatings for the crane.

06Factor In Safety Features

Prioritize safety by selecting a crane with essential safety features such as overload protection, emergency stop buttons, limit switches, and collision avoidance systems. Ensure compliance with relevant safety standards and regulations.

07Assess Power Supply And Controls

Determine the appropriate power supply (electric, hydraulic) based on your facility’s infrastructure and operational needs. Choose a control system (pendant control, radio control, cabin control) that enhances operator efficiency and safety.

08Budget And Cost Considerations

Define your budget for purchasing, installation, and maintenance of the overhead crane. Consider the total cost of ownership, including operational costs and potential future upgrades.

Get Suitable Industrial Overhead Crane Solutions from Aicrane

As a professional and experienced crane manufacturer and supplier, we have provided a wide range of bridge cranes for various industries to suit different lifting requirements. We are committed to offering cost-effective lifting solutions and excellence service for our customers to help them achieve great success in their business and industry. Anytime you need our products and service, please feel free to reach out to us without heasitation.

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