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50 Ton Overhead Crane

50 ton overhead crane is widely used for lifting heavy materials in various manufacturing industry, chemical industry, steel industry, garbage handling industry, mine industry, and paper industry, etc. It is generally with double girder design. In addition, there are 50 ton normal overhead crane, European overhead crane and other custom overhead cranes for your choices. Aicrane can provide the suitable crane solutions for customers.

50 ton overhead crane for sale
50 Ton Overhead Crane In Chile

50 Ton Overhead Crane & Steel Structure Solutions For Chile

The following pictures are about Aicrane 50 ton AQ-QD double beam bridge crane and steel structure in Chile. This overhead crane is used to lift heavy steel parts in steel structure workshop. This crane is with high lifting speed and crane travelling speed, which can improve the working efficiency.

50t crane provided by Aicrane
Overhead Crane 50 Ton In Chile

Aicrane steel structure for Chile
Steel Structure In Chile

During cooperation, the customer told us some details and his project, then we knew that the customer also planned to build the steel structure workshop. Aicrane skilled engineers has provided suitable solutions for the overhead crane and steel structure. About the installation, Aicrane has dispatched engineers to the installation site, and the installation process of bridge crane and steel structure were smooth under the help of our engineers.

Steel Structure Installation
Steel Structure Installation

overhead crane installation
Installation Of Steel Structure In Chile

Complete Solution For Steel Structure

Aicrane has skilled steel structure engineers, which specialize in steel structure design in accordance with some specific requirements of customers. Aicrane steel structure is favored by customers from all over the world because of its large span, simple installation, economic cost, wide range of application and other advantages.

The load-bearing structure of Aicrane steel structure workshop adopts solid belly steel frame of equal or variable section, and the enclosure system adopts light roof panel and wall panel. Skylights, ventilators, and lighting belts can be set according to the needs of ventilation and lighting.

  • Single Span Steel Structure Workshop
    Single Span Steel Structure Workshop

Various 50 Ton Overhead Crane Solutions Provided By Aicrane

50 ton bridge crane is generally configured into double girder design. What’s more, Aicrane can provide suitable and cost-effective crane solutions for different industries like steel structure or coils manufacturing plant, machine producing factory, paper industry, waste treatment industry, etc.

 General 50 Ton Overhead Crane Solutions For Customers

  • AQ-NLH overhead crane is with European standard design and frequency conversion operation. Besides, this kind of bridge crane has intelligent control system, low energy consumption, compact structure and small wheel pressure. It will help the customer work more efficiently.
  • AQ-QD double beam bridge crane has the lifting capacity from 5 ton to 450 ton, and the lifting speed, trolley speed and crane running speed are all higher other overhead cranes. This bridge crane can be used in steel coils manufacturing factory to lift coils or transferring other heavy materials.
  • AQ-QDX is also a European bridge crane, which has the similar function with AQ-NLH model crane. For example, it can lift loads with double speed, and it has light weight and Low plant construction cost. Compared with AQ-NLH overhead crane, the lifting capacity of this crane can reach 320 ton, which is more suitable for heavier loads.

Overhead Crane 50 Ton Solutions For Special Applications

Commonly, the overhead crane used in special industries like chemical industry, steel mill, mine industry, and foundry industry should be designed to be suitable for these industries. Aicrane has skilled engineers to supply custom overhead crane solutions for various customers’ projects.

  • Grab Overhead Crane: Grab overhead crane is a good choice for mine industry and garbage handling industry, etc. This kind of crane can be used to grab various materials though using customized lifting devices.
Grab Overhead Crane For Mine Industry
Grab Overhead Crane For Mine Industry
  • Electromagnetic Overhead Crane: Overhead crane with electromagnetic beam is a specialized crane for handling steel products, steel plates, steel pipes, and irons, etc.
  • Explosion Proof Overhead Crane: Explosion proof bridge crane is widely installed in flammable and explosive environments like chemical and metallurgical plants. The crane is equipment with explosion proof devices.

Aicrane Electromagnetic Overhead Crane
Electromagnetic Overhead Crane

50 Ton Explosion Proof Overhead Crane
50 Ton Explosion Proof Overhead Crane

  • Overhead Crane For Stacking: Aicrane has the ability to supply custom 50t overhead crane for stacking according to customers’ demands. The following picture is about an overhead crane stacking materials.
  • Metallurgical Casting Overhead Crane: This crane is usually found in metallurgical industry. It has the function of lifting and moving molten metal, which has safe and efficient operation. What’s more, this crane is equipped with high temperature heat insulation plate.

Overhead Crane For Stacking
Overhead Crane For Stacking

Metallurgical Casting Overhead Crane
Metallurgical Casting Overhead Crane

What Factors Can Affect The Overhead Crane Price

  • Type of the crane – Aicrane has 50 ton normal and European standard overhead cranes for sale. Generally, European overhead crane is with higher price than normal overhead crane. What’s more, the crane with custom design also has a specific price.
  • Special configurations– Some customers need special lifting devices for their projects, which will change the crane price.
  • Span of the crane – The length of the span is also a factor affecting the price of a crane. The crane with longer span will have higher cost.
  • Other external factors – In addition, the cost of raw material, transportation cost, and policy all have effects on the crane.

Operation Video Of 50 Ton Bridge Crane

The following video is about a 50 ton AQ-QD  double girder overhead crane operation in Chile. We can see that this crane runs smoothly. If you have interest in the crane, please contact us.

Why Customers Purchase Overhead Crane From Aicrane?

Aicrane has cooperated with so many customers all over he world. Why do they choose Aicrane and become our regular customers?


Quality Assurance


Competitive Price


Suitable Crane Solutions


Rich Experience


Fast Production & Delivery


Excellent After-Sales

  • Quality Assurance: Aicrane has strict quality control system from the selection of raw materials to crane production. Besides, we have advanced technology and equipment to guarantee the crane quality. What’s more, Aicrane can accept third-party inspection, and we have many customers who do third-party inspections such as SGS and BV, etc.
  • Suitable Crane Solution: Aicrane has skilled project consultant and technicians, which have many years of providing crane solutions experience. Our customers usually tell us their requirements and the working condition to ensure that we can supply ideal cranes for them.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Aicrane has patient and professional customer service team, they usually update production pictures for customer regularly. Besides, they also arrange shipping, installation in advance.
  • Installation & Maintenance: We have two main installation ways: dispatching engineers to the installation site or providing free installation guidance online. About maintenance, our after-sales specialist will regularly return to know the operation of the crane and then provide maintenance service.
  • Our Crane Project Consultant
    Our Crane Project Consultant

Welcome To Visit Our Professional Factory!

Aicrane has own factory with large scale, and there are skilled production team, advanced production machines and technologies in the factory. We welcome all customers to visit our factory.

The following pictures and video are about Aicrane factory. Aicrane factory can guarantee fast production and delivery, and our cranes are also with factory price. Looking forward to working with you.

Aicrane factory details

Aicrane factory machines

Aicrane factory

crane in Aicrane factory

FAQs About Some Details

How Does 50 Ton Bridge Crane Work?

Overhead cranes are composed of lifting mechanism, trolley travelling mechanism crane running mechanism and electric control system. The crane runs on the beam of the plant through crane running mechanism installed on the load-bearing beam.

The working principle of the lifting mechanism
The lifting mechanism is powered by an electric motor, the motor rotates after being energized. The speed is changed by the reducer and then the drum is driven by the coupling. Finally, the loading and unloading process of the hook is completed through the wire rope winding system.

The working principle of the crane running mechanism
The whole crane can move forward and backward on the load-bearing beam relys on the crane running mechanism. The running mechanism consists of motor, coupling, drive shaft, wheel group, running limit and other parts, which guarantee the smooth running of the overhead crane.

How About 50 Ton European Overhead Crane?

European overhead crane designed by our group has small size, easy installation and flexible lifting which will help you complete your projects well. With various advantages of low energy consumption, frequency conversion operation, high performance and reducing the operation cost of the crane, European overhead crane has become a popular lifting machine. Therefore, more and more people are paying attention to the specific crane.

The crane is designed for energy conservation, environmental protection. What’s more, the overall technical level of our European overhead crane has reached the international advanced and domestic leading position. In addition, the crane has reasonable steel structure which can meet the requirements of strength, stiffness and stability.

What Is Top Running Overhead Crane?

Commonly, top running overhead crane belongs to an ordinary bridge crane which has a fixed track system installed on the top of each runway beam of the factory. Compared with underhung overhead crane, the crane is able to lift and move heavier loads, which will improve your working efficiency.

What’s more, the crane will provide more lifting height for buildings with limited headroom. Aicrane 50 ton bridge cranes are all with top running design. Customized service also is offered, before purchasing a crane, you need to communicate with our team and they specialize in helping our customers solving various problems.

What Information Do You Need To Provide For Quotation?

Are you interested in our 50 ton overhead crane and willing to invest in the crane for your projects? Please provide the following basic parameters so that our experts can help you select an ideal crane:

  • Max. lifting height of the crane: m?
  • Span of the crane: m?
  • What materials will be handled: ?

  • How many hours will the crane work per day?
  • When will you plan to use the crane?
  • Your project introduction: project working site, project budget, etc

What Should Be Noticed When Installing The 50 Ton Crane?
  • The crane must be installed by professional operators.
  • 50 ton crane belongs to a heavy machine, so the operator should consider some tips of safe installation.
  • When lifting the beam of the crane, no one is allowed to walk down there.
  • After installation, trail operation is required.
How Long Is The Warranty Period Of Aicrane Cranes?

Our warranty period is 1 year. If any parts damaged or breakdown caused by quality problems within 1 year, we will provide free replacement parts. Artificial or damage caused by force majeure is not in the scope of our quality assurance.

How Are Our Cranes Packed?

The steel structure like main beams and end beams of Aicrane cranes are generally packed in plastic film, which is with rain protection. In addition, electrical and other small parts will be packed in standard export fumigation wooden box or plywood box, and reinforced by steel plate in case of any damage.

How Long Of Delivery Time Generally?
Generally the delivery time of overhead crane is 20 to 40 working days, and the lead time of electric hoist is 15 working days. The delivery time will be longer if it is special customized.

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    1.Load capacity: ton?

    2.Span of the crane: m?

    3.Max. lifting height of the crane: m?

    4.What materials will be handled: ?

    5.How many hours will the crane work per day?

    6.Project introduction: project working site, project budget, etc