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1-10 Ton Overhead Crane

10 ton overhead crane or bridge crane is a very popular lifting machine. It is very widely used for material handling, loading, and moving in the warehouse, workshop, garage, assembly factories, and many other places. As the leading overhead crane manufacturer in China, we provide 10 ton overhead crane with various types, including single girder and double girder overhead crane, top running and underhung crane.

  • Aicrane 10t bridge crane
    10 Ton Double Girder European Overhead Crane For Uzbekistan

Focus On 10 Ton Overhead Crane For Customers’ Projects

Aicrane has exported a variety of 10 ton bridge cranes to many countries. You can see the following cranes for many customers’ projects: AQ-HD European crane in Uzbekistan, 10 ton AQ-HD single girder European crane for Nigeria, 10 ton crane to Kenya, and 10 ton AQ-NLH double girder bridge crane in Turkmenistan. The European overhead crane is popular with many customers.

Crane For Uzbekistan

Aicrane 10 Ton Single Girder European Bridge Crane For Uzbekistan

Aicrane exported so many overhead cranes to Uzbekistan. Especially the 10 ton European standard overhead crane is popular with customers from Uzbekistan. The following AQ-HD crane was installed smoothly under the guidance of Aicrane engineers online. It is used to lift manufacturing materials in customer’s workshop now.

Aicrane 10 Ton Overhead Crane In Uzbekistan
10 Ton Crane In Uzbekistan

10 ton crane Crane With European Hoist
Crane With European Hoist

10 Ton Bridge Crane & Steel Structure Workshop For Uzbekistan

A 10 ton overhead crane has been installed and come into use in Uzbekistan. This customer searched 10 ton overhead crane at Google, and he sent an inquiry to us. When communicating with the customer, our salesman knew that he planned to build a steel structure workshop, and the overhead crane will be used to lift loads in the workshop.

After that, we told the customer that Aicrane could also provide steel structures, and then our engineers provided many steel structure and crane solutions for him. Because of so many successful installation cases and professional solutions, the customer determined to place an order from Aicrane. Now, the crane works well in the workshop, and the customer thinks highly of our products.

Aicrane 10T AQ-LD Crane & Steel Structure
10T AQ-LD Crane & Steel Structure

Aicrane Crane Steel Structure For Uzbekistan
Crane Steel Structure For Uzbekistan

Crane For Nigeria

10 Ton Single Girder Bridge Crane In Nigeria

Nigeria is our important market. We delivered this 10 ton AQ-HD overhead crane to Nigeria. The following pictures and videos about crane installation were from Our customer, and the customer expressed that it works well after debugging. Our engineers responded professionally to some complicated installation questions, which helped the customer more.

Aicrane 10 Ton Single Girder European Crane In Nigeria
10 Ton Single Girder European Crane In Nigeria

Aicrane Crane Installation In Nigeria
Crane Installation In Nigeria

Crane For Kenya

10 Ton Overhead Crane Delivered To Kenya

Aicrane has delivered a 10 ton AQ-HD European overhead crane to Kenya. The lifting height of this bridge crane is 6m. Besides, we also provide a European hoist for the customer. This crane is used to lift production materials in the workshop.

In the communication process, this customer said that he needed a crane with low headroom height and better performance. Therefore, our sales manager advised him to choose the 10 ton European overhead crane according to the customer’s needs and the working conditions.

Aicrane 10T AQ-HD Overhead Crane For Kenya
10T AQ-HD Overhead Crane For Kenya

End Beams Of 10 Ton Overhead Crane
End Beams

Aicrane European Hoist
European Hoist

Electrical Device of 10t bridge crane
Electrical Device

Crane For Turkmenistan

10 Ton European Double Girder Crane In Turkmenistan

A 10 ton AQ-NLH European double girder bridge crane works well after installation and debugging. The bearing-rail beam and European hoist were also from Aicrane. For the convenience of our customers, we usually provide matching parts for customers. Aicrane has the ability to serve large projects.

AQ-NLH Crane For Sale
AQ-NLH Crane In Turkmenistan

AQ-NLH Crane
10 Ton Double Girder Crane For Turkmenistan

Aicrane Steel Structure For Customers

Nowadays, steel structure is becoming more and more popular, and many customers want to choose the steel structure buildings instead of concrete buildings. During communication, we usually ask our customers if they need a crane together with steel structure. Our engineers can provide suitable crane and steel structure design for customers.

Aicrane has exported steel structures to different countries, and we have many experience executing large projects. We have many steel structure cases for your reference.

Aicrane LBS Centers

Aicrane Crane Steel Structure In Uzbekistan

Aicrane Hot-Sale 10 Ton Overhead Cranes Here

Aicrane can provide kinds of 10 ton overhead crane solutions to be suitable for your projects. The AQ-LD single beam bridge crane, AQ-HD European crane, AQ-LX underhung bridge crane, AQ-NLH European double girder crane and AQ-QD double girder crane are our hot-sale products.

  • AQ-LD single girder overhead crane has simple structure and relatively low price, and it is easy to operate. The single beam of this kind of crane always runs above the runway. It can be used in different places like warehouses, factories, garages, installation and maintenance workshops, steel mill, etc.
  • AQ-HD single girder European standard overhead crane has the advantages of strong rigidity, light weight, intelligent control system, and low energy consumption. AQ-HD 10 ton European type crane may have higher price than 10 ton normal bridge crane because of better performance.
  • We can also manufacture the AQ-LX underslung bridge crane. The system can be integrated into building design for cost saving on runway structure, and it is with low headroom design.
  • AQ-NLH double beam European bridge crane is with double speed lifting and a variety of applications. The fast positioning, ergonomic design, comfortable operation and other benefits make the European double girder crane popular in the market. If you have enough budget, this kind of bridge crane is a good choice for you.
  • The work duty of AQ-QD double girder overhead crane is A3-A7, which is suitable for heavier operations. This crane can lift various materials through using different lifting devices like hook, an electromagnetic chuck, grab and spreader.

10 Ton Bridge Crane Applied In Different Industries

The customers have kinds of 10t overhead crane options for their projects. Aicrane 10 ton crane can be mounted in steel mill, manufacturing plant, mines, and paper industry, etc. You can also choose the cranes for various environments like inflammable and explosive places and high temperature environment.

  • Aicrane 10T AQ-QDX Overhead Crane In Steel Mill
    Steel Mill: Some steel materials like steel coils, steel beam and steel plate can be moved by overhead crane in steel mill. For example, this picture is about a 10 ton AQ-QDX double girder European overhead crane lifting coils in steel mill. In addition, you can choose the foundry crane, electromagnetic crane to be used in steel mill.

How To Select An ideal 10 Ton Overhead Crane?

Many factors should be considered when selecting an overhead crane suitable for your application. Our engineers will provide the appropriate solutions for our customers. Besides, Aicrane can solve various questions about the crane design.

  • What is the weight being lifted? Aicrane can provide customized appropriate lifting device.
  • The crane will be used indoors or outdoors.
  • You had better tell us the size of your building.
  • The span and lifting height of the overhead crane need to be considered.
  • How often will it be in use. It may determine that the type of overhead crane you need.
  • Your project introduction: duration, project start time, budget, etc.

What Are The Components Of 10 Ton Bridge Crane?

As an international bridge crane manufacturer and exporter, we design and manufacture cranes according to the international standard. 10 ton overhead crane mainly has four parts, the metal structure, lifting mechanism, travelling mechanism, lifting devcies, and electric parts. Looking for a reliable, safe, and cost-effective 10 ton overhead crane? Welcome to contact us.

  • 1. Mechanical Parts: Mechanical parts are composed of lifting mechanism, crane running mechanism and trolley travelling mechanism. The lifting mechanism is used to vertically lift heavy loads, and the crane running mechanism is designed to drive the whole crane to move forward and backward.
  • 2. Metal Structure: Metal structure consists of beam and frame of the trolley. The beam includes steel main beam and steel end beam. Main beam is the load bearing beam that the trolley rides on. That can be top running or under running configuration.
  • 3. Lifting Device: It is used for attaching your load to the crane so it can be raised and lifted. You can choose the customized lifting device.
  • 4. Electrical Control System: The standard power supply of 10 ton overhead cranes is generally three-phase AC, the rated voltage is 380V.

Why Do So Many Customers Select Aicrane?

Aicrane specializes in the overhead crane design, research, production and service, which can provide you with sutable and cost-effective crane solutions. If you purchase an overhead crane 10 ton from Aicrane, you will get the high-quality cranes and excellent service from receiving an inquiry to installation and maintanence.

High-Quality Products

Aicrane specially pays attention to the quality, and the materials of the crane are all from reliable and powerful manufacturer. We have skilled purchasing department to find raw materials with good quality. Welcome our customers to visit our factory, and many of our customers trust Aicrane more after visiting Aicrane large-scale and professional factory.

After-sales Service

We provide a full crane project service for our clients, from the crane buying instruction, crane installation, package, transportation, inspection, maintenance to operators training. Besides, during production process, we can send production pictures and videos to customers, which can make customers know the production proress.

Competitive price

Aicrane is a powerful overhead crane manufacturer with own factory. The quotation is offered based on factory price. Compared with other export corporation, Aicrane has the price advantage. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to get a free quotation.

Consult Aicrane Advisor For 10 Ton Overhead Crane

Welcome to contact our crane advisors to consult more details of 10 ton overhead crane. They can offer recommendations based on your specific lifting-application needs. Aicrane is commited to providing ideal and suitable products for customers.

  • Our Crane Project Consultant
    Our Crane Project Consultant


What Is The Function Of Overhead Crane?
Overhead bridge cranes are used to lift and move materials from one location to another in the most safe and efficient way. Overhead cranes run on the beam, which will not influence the production process on the ground. Generally, overhead crane can save the labor cost and improve the working efficiency. You can find overhead cranes in kinds of industries.
How About 10 Ton Single & Double Girder Overhead Crane?


  • There are single girder and double girder crane for your reference if you are planning to invest in a 10 ton overhead crane. They are all popular lifting equipment of our company. What are the differences of these two cranes?
  • These two cranes have different kinds applications, and can be installed in various conditions. Before purchasing a 10 to overhead crane, you had better communicate with our expert first, they will give you some advice to help you select a right crane.
  • In addition, our company has customized service which will meet all requirements for your business.


  • Single girder overhead crane has simple structure, which has only one beam. Double girder overhead crane has two beams. The work duty, lifting speed, lifting height, lifting capacity and span of the two cranes are all different.
  • Double girder bridge crane can lift and move heavier materials, but single girder type crane has safer operation and easy installation. They have different features, so that you are supposed to choose an ideal crane in accordance with your specific needs.
  • The process of manufacturing double girder type crane needs more producing procedures, so double girder type cranes have higher price than single girder.
How Much Does A 10 Ton Overhead Crane Cost?

The price of 10 ton overhead crane is affected by a variety of factors, including the types of the cranes, and the span of the crane. For instance, European type overhead crane 10 ton often costs more than the normal standard bridge crane 10 ton. Besides, 10 ton overhead crane price is very closely related to lots of factors, such as crane speed.

In addition, the 10 overhead crane price is also in connection with many other external factors. About external factors, the cost of raw materials, the policy and transportation cost. Sometimes, the transportation cost changes, and our overhead crane price will also be adjusted.

What Are The Benefits Of 10T Overhead Crane?

  • Advanced technology, durable material, long service
  • Excellent design, elegant appearance
  • Stable performance, low noise,Smooth starting and ending
  • Full remote control and hand operation choices

  • Small size, lightweight, save space of your place
  • High configuration, advanced motor and electric control system
  • Compact structure, easy installation, transportation, and maintenance
  • Customized service can be offered

How Do We Ensure Welding Quality?
  • We adopt the non-destructive testing method, which will not affect the use of the workpiece. Commonly used as follows: Radiographic Testing; Ultrasonic Testing; Penetration Testing; Magnetic Testing; Electromagnetism or Eddy current Testing.
  • UT and PT are the most commonly used because they are convenient but only suitable for local inspection. Besides, large castings or forging parts can only use Radiographic Testing. Before shipment, all of our cranes will be inspected carefully to ensure the crane quality.
What Are The Safety Devices Of An Overhead Crane?
  • Lifting capacity limiter:Overload operation is an important cause of frequent accidents of bridge cranes. The use of overhead protection device can effectively prevent accidents.
  • Stopper: It can be divided into two types, one is the ascending limit position and the descending limit position limiter to protect the safe operation of the lifting mechanism. The other is the limit, position limiter restrict the operation of the travelling mechanism.
  • Buffer:The buffer can absorb the operation function of the lifting trolley to mitigate the impact.
  • Anti-deflection device:Due to the wheel manufacturing, installation deviation and transmission mechanism deviation, the cranes often have deflected operation. There will even be a “gnawing track phenomenon”which can affect the metal structure and running mechanism.
  • Anti-collision device:The running speed of modern overhead cranes is constantly improving, and several machines are often running on the same track at the same time. In order to prevent the collision between the overhead cranes, the anti-collision device is installed on the bridge crane.
  • Other safety protection device:The electrical equipment should be equipped with rain cover. The single girder overhead crane needs to be equipped with anti-overturning safety hook to ensure that the trolley does not overturn and ensure the safety of maintenance.

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    6.Project introduction: project working site, project budget, etc