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Electric Mooring Winch

Electric mooring winch belongs to popular winches with good performance and durability. The winch is a safe winch for boats, which can operate effectively when the ship is berthing, widely applied on the shore. According to the number of the drum, electric mooring winch can be classified into single drum winch, double drum winch and multiple drum winch. We have various types of winches for sale, welcome to contact us.

electric mooring winch for sale
Electric Mooring Winch

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electric winch for sale
Electric Winch For Sale

electric mooring winch
Electric Mooring Winch To UAE

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Electric Drum Electric Winch for sale
Electric Marine Winch

doublr drum electric winch for sale
Double Drum Electric Winch

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Benefits Of Our Electric Mooring Winch

  • Our company offers various electric mooring winches with high quality and reasonable price.
  • Relatively safer operation, easy installation and less maintenance of the winch.
  • Powered by electric motor.
  • Designed according to international standard.
  • The winch is durable, which has high performance.
  • We will provide you with good after-sales service.
  • Customized service can be provided.

Different Types Of Electric Mooring Winches For Sale

Our company provides a variety of electric mooring winches to meet various requirements of our customers. In line with the number of the drum, we have single drum electric mooring winch and double drum mooring winch for sale. If you are planning to buy an electric mooring winch, please contact us first, we can give you reasonable advice.

According to the working speed of the winch, you can choose single speed winch and two speed winch. We also provide coaxial and waterfall winch for you in accordance with the structure. You can choose a right winch according to the working environments and operating conditions.

double drum electric mooring winch for sale
Double Drum Electric Mooring Winch

electric mooring winch for sale
Electric Mooring Winch For Sale

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Except mooring winch, our company also has other varied winches for sale, like marine electric anchor winch, hydraulic anchor winch, towing winch, anchor mooring winch, etc. All the winches you can consider to buy for your business. If you buy our winch, you will find the winch is better than the winches from other companies, and we are glad to cooperate with you for a long time.

Finally, we also offer customized service. With so many types of electric mooring winch, the first thing you should consider is choosing a winch suitable for your business. Choosing a right winch will help you work efficiently, so talking about some details of the winch with our experts is necessary. You can tell us what you want, we will be happy to help you. The satisfaction of our clients is our greatest pursuit.

Specific Design Of Electric Mooring Winch

Electric mooring winch has simple structure, easy operation and less maintenance. In addition, compared with hydraulic type, this type of winch is safer to use. It is powered by electric system, and electric motor is the most important part of the winch. All of our products meet international standards.

The specific winch has various functions like drifting, supporting and positioning during loading and unloading. We can design the winches into any size and capacity. If you have other specific demands, please communicate with us first.

Nowadays, lots of companies are producing electric mooring winch, we can make promise that our winches have great design, and our winches can meet your specific requirements. If you want to invest in an electric mooring winch, our company is an ideal choice. After receiving the goods, you will be satisfied with our winches.

Electric Mooring Winch & Hydraulic Mooring Winch

Electric mooring winch is powered by electric motor while hydraulic mooring winch relies on hydraulic pump station to run. Electric mooring winch has kinds of benefits, which is an ideal machine for you. Electric type winch has easy and safe operation.

Hydraulic mooring winch also can be divided into single drum winch, double drum winch and multiple drum winch, and the winch is also available with coaxial and waterfall type.

Other types of winches of our company also have electric and hydraulic system, such as electric anchor winch, electric towing winch, hydraulic anchor winch and hydraulic towing winch, etc.

These two types of mooring winch are all popular and they have different features. When you buy a winch for sale , you had better consider which one is suitable for your project.

hydraulic mooring winch for sale
Hydraulic Mooring Winch

electric mooring winch for sale
Electric Mooring Winch

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Specifications Of Electric Mooring Winch

Are you willing to have a right winch? Perhaps all of our customers want to buy a right winch for their specific needs. Sometimes you may not know what kind of winch to purchase. Therefore, you had better put in touch with us before purchasing a winch. Our patient and professional staff will give you some advice, they are good at helping you to select a suitable winch. In addition, you can provide the following information so that we can give you some better advice:

Load Capacity: ton?

Speed: m/min?

Working environment

Single or double drum

Other information

Technical Demands Of The Parts About An Electric Mooring Winch


Various types of ropes can be considered when designing drums like wire rope. The drum also can be equipped with ropes of synthetic fibers, etc.

The diameter of drums shall meet the following requirements:

The diameter of the drum is not less than 16 times of the diameter of the rope if round strand wire rope is used.

The diameter of the drum needs to be more than 6 times of the diameter of the rope when you use polyester or polyacyl acid rope.

When polypropylene rope is used, the diameter of the drum should not be less than 4 times of the diameter of the rope.

Control Brake System

Electric mooring winches must work with automatic control brake . When the control handle is moved to a stop or brake position or the winch is unpowered, the control brake device should automatically play a braking role. The brake device must be able to withstand 1.5 times of drum loads, and can stop the rotation of the drum at the maximum speed without fault.

Drum Brake

For a safer operation, each of the winch should be equipped with drum brake. The operator also needs to check and maintain the device regularly to prevent errors.


A clutch should be provided between the drive device and the drum for mooring winches with double drum and a winch with warping end.

All of these components are suitable for the electric mooring winches. As an excellent winch supplier with professional design team, our company will provide you with an winch for your business.

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How Does An Electric Mooring Winch Work?

Working Principle Of The Electric Mooring Winch

First, the operator should check the marine electric mooring winch to ensure that the winch has no problem and pay attention to that whether the lubrication condition is good. When adding lubrication oil, dirty and substandard lubrication oil shall not be used. And the operator should notice whether the temperature is normal. When the winch has failure, the operator should inform the leadership and assist the maintenance master to solve the problem.

Start the motor and the transmission gear starts to run. At this time, the bake belt on the drum stops and the brake handle on the big gear should be loosened so that the drum does not rotate and only the big inner gear rotates.

To start the drum, the brake belt on the drum must be completely loosened, and the brake belt on the big inner gear must be tightened. Then the drum is rotated and wound around the wire rope to work. The start and stop of the drum must be rapid to reduce the wear of the brake belt, but it is not allowed to make a sudden start to prevent damage of the transmission parts.

During the working operation, the operation is supposed to notice the working condition of the brake. If the brake is not working, it must be adjusted.

The winch should not work above its rated load.

Each operator must maintain every part of the winch carefully every day. The motor should not be piled up with dust.

The staff responsible for maintenance must often check the use of the winch and regularly make a comprehensive inspection of the winch to prevent faults and accidents.

When the winch is used for a long time, appropriate measures should be taken to protect it from rust or damage.


electric mooring winch for sale
Electric Mooring Winch For Sale

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Finding A Reliable Marine Electric Mooring Winch Manufacturer

Are you planning to purchase a durable mooring winch for your projects? The first thing should be thought about is selecting a trusted supplier.

We have a lot of experience in design, production, installation and maintenance. There are different types and tons of mooring winches for our reference, including electric mooring winch and hydraulic mooring winch, light duty winch and heavy duty winch.

When you want to buy a marine electric mooring winch, the quality and price of the product must be considered. A winch with high quality will need less maintenance and have long service life. Winches for boats belong to heavy machines so it is necessary for the customers to think carefully. Our company is specialized in producing all series of winches, which has manufactured marine winches for many years, we can ensure that our products are reliable in quality. Our various winches have been exported to lots of countries including Nigeria, UAE, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, etc. All of our clients have faith in the quality of the products and they also think highly of our winches.

Besides, you will get a reasonable price from us. Our quotation is not the lowest, but our products are cost-effective and our products have lots of benefits and specific design.

Finally, if you choose our company as your winch manufacturer, you will obtain good after-sales service. We have patient experts to give you some advice so that you can choose the right product. When you have some problems about installation and maintenance, our group can give you guidance.

Our company is skilled at lifting machines, and our clients come from different countries. If you are willing to have an electric winch, our group is an ideal choice for you. There will be various types of winches for your reference, not only electric mooring winch, but the anchor winch and towing winch all will be provided for you. We have extensive experience in producing winches, we can make sure that our winches have high quality and efficiency. If you are interested in the product, please put in touch with us as soon as possible, we will do everything we can to serve you.

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