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Mine Winch

Commonly, mine winch is utilized in various mines for mining operations, including coal mines, metal mines and non-metal mines. The specific winch is used to lift and drag coal, copper, silver, iron and other kinds of minerals. It is an ideal option for you if you are finding a winch for your mines. This kind of winch is one of our hot-sale products, our company has different types of the winch for sale. Thanks to its high quality and performance, we have received so many positive feedback from our customers.

mine winch for sale
Mine Winch For Sale

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Various Types Of Mine Winch?

Single Drum Winch & Double Drum Winch

According to the number of drum, mine winch can be divided into single drum winch, double drum winch and multiple drum winch. Single drum winch and double drum winch are our hot-sale winches. Before purchasing a winch, the number of the drum needs to be considered. If you have no idea how to select a winch, welcome to put in touch with our experts, they will give you some advice.

mine winch for sale
Single Drum Winch

double drum mine winch for sale
Double Drum Winch

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Electric Winch & Hydraulic Winch

We have electric type winch and hydraulic type winch for sale. They have different power system. Electric type winch is powered by motor while hydraulic type winch is driven by hydraulic system.

The electric winch is safer to operate, which is a reliable option for your projects. In addition, it requires relatively low operation costs and less maintenance.

Hydraulic winches are designed for heavier minerals, which is more effective. The winch can be installed in mines to move and lift heavy loads.

Finally, in accordance with different functions, this kind of  winch can be classified into common hoist winch, explosion proof  winch, friction shaft winch and shaft sink winch. Various types of mine winches will meet kinds of needs of our clients.

hydraulic mine winch for sale
Hydraulic Mine Winch

electric mine winch for sale
Electric Winch

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Benefits Of Our Mine Winches For Sale

  • A variety of safe devices are provided like drum and control guard.
  • Long service life, stable performance and accurate operation of the winch.
  • Durability of our winch. The specific winch designed by our company are all made of materials with high quality, which has longer working life.
  • Less maintenance and reasonable price of the product.
  • Advanced technology and excellent design of the winch.
  • Perfect after-sales service like providing operation guidance, etc.
  • Different capacities and types of the winch for your reference.

Main Structure Of A Mining Winch

Drum/Controls/Durable Paint Finish

Drum: According to kinds of working conditions and your specific demands, there are single drum, double drum and multiple drum mode for your reference. You should determine which one is suitable for you.

Controls: Our products have different control options to meet your specific requirement, such as control box and remote control.

Durable Paint Finish: Special finishes are used for better corrosion resistance and longer service life.

Motor & Hydraulic Pump Station

Motor: Motor is an important component of electric winches, which can provide power for a winch. Besides, if you are planning to invest in an explosion proof winch, the explosion proof motor will be equipped. Before purchasing a winch, please put in touch with us first, we will help you get a right winch.

Hydraulic Pump Station: Hydraulic pump station belongs to power system. The winch can be driven by hydraulic pump station. Hydraulic pump station is an expensive part of the winch, so the operator should use it carefully and maintain it regularly.

motor works with mine winch

hydraulic pump winch
Hydraulic Pump Station

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What Are The Specifications Of Mine Winch?

Before purchasing a winch, there are many factors you need to consider in order to get a suitable winch for your projects. You can talk about these specifications with an expert of our company, they will be patient to give you some reasonable advice. Please contact us as soon as possible.

Load Capacity: First, you should determine the capacity of the winch. Our winches can be designed into kinds of types. We also provide customized service. Therefore, you are supposed to know the weight of your materials which should be loaded and unloaded. If you have no idea, welcome to communicate with our experts, they have rich experience, and they will give you some advice.

Rope: You also need to determine the size of the rope, including length and diameter of the rope. Besides, the rope can be made of different materials. Different types of rope have different price and the rope you choose should be suitable for your business, it is asked to bear the total load and its own weight.

Drum: Drum also is an important part of a winch. According to the number of the drum, winches can be classified into double drum winch, single drum winch and multiple drum winch. Therefore, you should determine the number of the drum you want. In addition, you also need to know the size of the drum, and the larger the drum, the more strength will be delivered for useful operation.

mine winch for sale
Winch For Sale

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Working Principle Of The Specific Winch

When the main motor is started, the rotor transfers power to the high-speed shaft of the reducer through an elastic coupling. After deceleration by the reducer drive, the passive shaft of the reducer is transferred to the spindle device through the gear coupling. If the steering of the motor is constantly changed, the reel can be wound or the wire rope can be loosened, so that the lifting vessel can make periodic movement up and down.

Because this kind of winch will be used in various mines, the operator should pay attention to ensuring a safe operation. Before operation, the operator should check the machine, including inspect the rope condition to make sure it has no fault. The rope needs to be properly wound around the drum. During lifting and dragging operation, the operator should stand clear of the rope and load during operation and never exceed the rated load capacity. Finally, after lifting working, the operator should maintain the winch regularly to extend its service life and keep the rope and drum clean.

If you use an explosion proof winch, you should be more concerned with safety. After you buy a winch from our company, we will give you guidance and provide staff training to help you operate the winch safely. We have excellent after-sales service, it is our vision to make every customer satisfied.

Multiple Factors In Selecting A Right Mine Winch

All of the customers are willing to get a right product for their business, so how to choose an ideal winch? Here are the most crucial details to take into account as you think about investing in a mine winch.

An Excellent Winch Manufacturer

Finding a reliable supplier is the most important thing when you are planning to purchase a winch. Our company specializes in producing winches, which has manufactured lifting equipment for many years. Nowadays, with professional design, production and marketing team, our company has become one of the top lifting equipment suppliers in China.

In addition, we offer a range of after-sales service, such as the equipment installation and commissioning, staff training service and 12-month warranty, etc.

Products With High Quality

The winches of our company have not only specific design and advanced technology, but high quality. In the production process, we always strictly pay attention to quality control. Before the shipment, our experts will check the products carefully so that the winch can be delivered to your company with no quality problem. All of our customers think highly of the products manufactured by us. Lots of winches produced by our group have been delivered to more than 100 countries like Brazil, Canada, Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia, UAE and Italy, etc. We provide our clients with quality assurance.

Price Of The Winch For Sale

As an experienced exporter, we can give you a reasonable price. In addition, if you want to get an ideal winch with reasonable price, you are supposed to know the types, the number of drum and speed of the winch you want. Welcome to put in touch with our professional and patient experts so that they can give you a free quotation.

Our After-Sales Service Map

What’s The Fixing Mode Of The Wire Rope On The Drum?

Ensure the safety and reliability of the operation when the wire rope is fixed on the drum, and it should be convenient for inspection, assembly, adjustment. The fixed place should not make the wire rope excessively bent. There are two main fixed ways of wire rope.



  • Secure The Wedge
  • The wire rope is fixed on the drum by a wedge. The slope of wedge is usually 1:4-1:5 to meet the self-locking condition. This way of fixing the end of the rope is relatively simple, but the diameter of the wire rope can not be too large.
  • Fastening Device For Pressing Plate And Screw Rope End
  • The end of the wire rope is drawn out from the inclined hole reserved in the end side plate to the outside of the plate, and the end of the wire rope is fixed by pressing plate and screws.

single drum winch for sale
Winch With Single Drum

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What Should You Consider When Using An Electric Winch?

Before operation, the oil quantity of the reducer , the oil temperature and whether there is oil in each sliding bearing should be checked.

The gear should be turned idle by hand to check whether the parts of the winch rotate flexibly before starting the machine. Especially, pay attention to whether the brake room is easy to use.

When lifting or pulling heavy loads, test lifting should be carried out to check whether the rope buckle and the objects are tied firmly, and notice the remaining factor of the wire rope on the drum of the winch shall not be less than 3 laps.

The operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the winch. The staff should follow the command. When operating the electric winch, no one is allowed to stand around the machine.

After the winch stops, it is necessary to cut off the electric withdrawing controller and put it in the zero position, tighten the winch with safety brake and loose the rope at the same time.

double drum mine winch for sale
Winch With Two Drums

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We are a reliable and excellent manufacturer which mainly produces kinds of lifting equipment, such as overhead crane, gantry crane, winch and boat hoist,etc. Mine winch is also our hot-sale product, it has been sold to customers in many countries. Our group has patient salesman, skillful designer and advanced technology, if you choose to cooperate with us, we will do our best to serve you. Please contact us when you determine to buy the winch, we will be glad to help you select a suitable winch.

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