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Marine Hydraulic Winch

Marine hydraulic winch is usually designed for heavy-duty anchoring, mooring or towing applications for boats. Different from the electric marine winch, hydraulic marine winch is powered by hydraulic pump station. In addition, it has strong power, high efficiency, and safe performance.

5 ton hydraulic winch

mooring winch

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Recent Cases For You


15T Marine Hydraulic Winch Vietnam

We have delivered four 15 ton hydraulic winches to Vietnam. The winch is used to make mooring operations on shores. These winches are with various advantages and great performance, so that the customer think highly of them.

10T Hydraulic Marine Winch
15T Hydraulic Marine Winch

hydraulic pump station

30 Ton Hydraulic Marine Winch Vietnam

The working load of the hydraulic winch Vietnam is 30 ton. It is powered by hydraulic pump station, and the speed is 12m/min. The drum capacity is ∅38mm×1000m. The Dia.of warping head is ∅400mm. If you want to know other details about the winch, please contact us.

hydraulic winch for sale
30T Hydraulic Marine Winch To Vietnam

Hydraulic Motor
Hydraulic Motor

Hydraulic Valve
Hydraulic Valve


12 Ton Waterfall Hydraulic Winch For Sale Philippines

12 ton waterfall winch with hydraulic system has been exported to Philippines successfully. Waterfall winch commonly consists of two drums. Our company has built service center at Philippines to service our clients better. We have some engineers in local and can help customers install and maintain the winch.


40 Ton Hydraulic Winch Dominica

The AQ-JMY hydraulic winch to Dominica belongs to a custom machine. As a powerful winch supplier, we have professional design team, which can meet your different requirements.

Hydraulic Winch In Dominica
Hydraulic Winch In Dominica

hydraulic pump station

hydraulic winch for sale


10 Sets 10 Ton Marine Hydraulic Winch Indonesia

Marine hydraulic winch Indonesia is popular with plenty of customers. The following winches are shipped to Indonesia, which have been recognized by customers. If you are from Indonesia, this case can be your reference.

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Winch Package & Delivery

About winch package & delivery, sometimes we can pack the winches according to the specific demands of different clients. Generally, our winches can be packed in wooden box or plastic film. Besides, we usually adopt wooden box to pack some small parts. If you have other needs, welcome to tell us. Before shipment, our winches are all be checked carefully.

Six 30T Hydraulic Winches Delivery
Six 30T Hydraulic Winches Delivery

Hydraulic Pump Station Delivery
Hydraulic Pump Station Delivery

Wire Rope
Wire Rope Delivery

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Various Types Of Hydraulic Marine Winch

Hydraulic marine winch for sale from us is famous for its various types, wide applications, and reasonable price. As a professional winch manufacturer, we offer multiple types of hydraulic marine winch for global customers, such as hydraulic anchor winch, mooring winch, towing winch, capstan winch, anchor mooring winch, waterfall hydraulic winch, etc. Top-quality and competitive price make our winch popular all over the world.

Anchor winch

Hydraulic Anchor Winch for sale
Hydraulic Anchor Winch


Anchor winch can be installed on the fore and aft part of the deck. It can control the winch rope anchoring operation. There are single drum winch, dual drum winch, or Multi-drum winch type.

Marine Hydraulic Anchor Winch Parameters

  • Dia of anchor chain/rope: ø12mm – ø128mm
  • Speed: 9-11 m/min
  • Load capacity: 1ton- 100ton
  • Certificate: BV, ABS, DNV, RMRS, etc

Mooring winch

Hydraulic Mooring Winch for sale
Hydraulic Mooring Winch


Mooring hydraulic winch is the ideal winch of various applications in loading and unloading operation. When ship is mooring, it has the drifting, supporting and positioning operation.

Marine Hydraulic Mooring Winch Parameters 

  • Loading capacity: 1ton- 100 ton
  • Rope capacity: 100- 1500m
  • Working speed: 5- 15 m/min
  • Driven type: hydraulic

Towing winch

hydraulic towing winch for sale
Towing Winch For Sale


Towing winch has three models with single drum winch, double drum winch and waterfall-type dual drum winch types. The hydraulic winch need’t hydraulic pump station.

Marine Hydraulic Towing Winch Parameters 

  • Loading capacity: 1ton- 300 ton
  • Rope capacity: 100- 3000m
  • Working speed: 5- 15 m/min
  • Driven type: hydraulic

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Single Drum And Double Drum Winch

According to the number of drum, the hydraulic winch can be divided into single drum winch, double drum winch and multiple drum winch. Single drum winch and double drum winch are widely used by our clients. Before purchasing a winch, the number of the drum needs to be considered. An ideal winch will improve your working efficiency.

single drum winch
hydraulic single drum winch

dual drum winch
hydraulic dual drum winch

Waterfall Winch

Waterfall winch is usually applied for anchoring, mooring and towing operations. This kind of winch with two drums is the popular product in our company, which can also be designed with triple drums in waterfall arrangement. Waterfall winch is our specific product, which usually has positioning function. Welcome to contact us if you need it.

hydraulic waterfall winch for sale
Hydraulic Waterfall Winch

drum winch
Waterfall-Type Positioning  Winch

Combination Winch For Sale

The combined winch is an ideal winch equipment, and it has more than one operating function. It adopts two winches or more types to design, which performs a multi-functional winch modes like anchor mooring winch. It has a wide range of use values.

Our company can provide customized service, if you want to make an investment in a marine winch with different functions, please contact us. There will be experts designing a suitable winch to meet all your needs.

Hydraulic Anchor Mooring Winch for sale
Hydraulic Anchor Mooring Winch

Hydraulic Mooring Anchor Winch for sale
Hydraulic Mooring Anchor Winch

Waht Is A Capstan?

Maine capstan for sale is a small winch, and it is usually applied on deck or shore to make mooring and anchoring operations. The speed of the capstan can be single speed, double speed and three speed. Hydraulic capstan runs by hydraulic system, and you can choose mooring capstan and anchor capstan according to your actual conditions. Our company can also provide customized service, please contact us to know more about the product.

Hydraulic Mooring Capstan
Hydraulic Mooring Capstan

Hydraulic Anchor Capstan
Hydraulic Anchor Capstan

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Various Features Of Marine Hydraulic Winch

  • Advanced technology, durable material, it has a quite long working life.
  • Various high configurations of motor, electric parts are available for you to choose.
  • Stable performance, reliable in operation, low noise, high efficiency, less maintenance.
  • Small size, lightweight, and simple structure, it is very easy to transport, install and maintain.
  • Wide range of applications, whether onshore or offshore, hydraulic winch has good performance.
  • High-cost performance. Economical and practical performance can be a great tool for your business.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance performance, special anti-corruption material can resist the erosion of seawater for a quite long time.

Videos Of Marine Hydraulic Winch

Marine Hydraulic Winch & Marine Electric Winch

In our company, you can find marine hydraulic winches and electric winches for sale. All of our marine winches have high quality, great performance and durability. As an experienced winch supplier, we have produced various winches for many years, so you can have faith in the winches designed by our company.

Marine Hydraulic Winch

Marine hydraulic winch is powered by hydraulic system., which is used for anchoring, towing and mooring functions or lifting and pulling on boat. Commonly, The winch can be sorted into anchor hydraulic winch, towing hydraulic winch and mooring hydraulic winch. Different types of these winches have various features. Compared with electric marine winch, this winch is more suitable for heavy duty applications.

Marine Electric Winch

Electric marine winch can run through electric motor, and the winch is widely used on boats, ships and shores. In line with different functions, there are electric anchor winch, electric towing winch and electric mooring winch for your reference. Due to different power system, electric marine winch has safer and easier operation than hydraulic marine winch.

According to the number drum, our marine winch can be classified into single drum winch and double drum winch to meet various demands of your projects. If you have any questions, please contact us, our company will also provide customized service and our experts can help you choose an ideal product.

electric mooring winch for sale
Electric Mooring Winch For Sale

hydraulic mooring winch

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Marine Hydraulic Winch For Sale

Our company have various types of hydraulic marine winches for sale, which can make anchoring, mooring and towing operations. In addition, we also offer light-duty hydraulic marine winch and heavy-duty hydraulic winch for customers with various parameters and tons. If you need a specific winch, we will provide you with customized service. Welcome to email us for more information.

Marine hydraulic winch systems
As a great material handling machine, hydraulic winch mainly consist of motor, hydraulic pump station, hydraulic multi-plate brake, clutch(optional), gearbox, drum, etc.
As for the motor, we provide different speeds, low-speed winch, and high-speed winch. Furthermore, in terms of the drum, we offer single or double drum.
The excellent hydraulic winch system of us ensure stability and durability.

Hydraulic marine winch applications
Hydraulic marine winch is a kind of popular winch with high durability and efficiency.
It is commonly used for towing, mooring and anchoring function or lifting and pulling on deck.
Besides, hydraulic winch is usually designed for heavy-duty applications.
Apart from marine uses, we design and manufacture it for construction, mine, industry, and many other special working environments.

Hydraulic Anchor Winch For Sale
Hydraulic Anchor Winch For Sale

5T Hydraulic Double Drum Mooring Winch
5T Hydraulic Double Drum Mooring Winch

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Why Choose Us As Your Top Winch Supplier?

As a global winch equipment solutions supplier, we provide a fully comprehensive winch service for our worldwide customers, include the winch project installation, transportation, inspection, maintenance, operators training, etc. Until now, we have established 8 overseas branches, and we are planning to build 20 branches all over the world. In order to serve better to our clients.

As an experienced hydraulic marine winch manufacturer and supplier, we have accumulated a lot of special strengths in the quality, price, and service of winch. In terms of service, we are intimate, patient and responsible. If you have any problem with winches, contact us at any time. We are glad to help you.

  • For example, we offer 24-hours online service to solve your problems timely.
  • Besides, we provide professional instruction of winch selection.
  • Moreover, there are careful package and transportation from us.
  • Last but not least, we supply an excellent after-sales service for our clients.
  • Our team is aiming to provide a highly convenient, fast and comprehensive service.
  • We believe quality is the foundation of products, and service is the soul of products.
  • We will constantly control the high quality of our products, and improve our service level.


What Is Hydraulic Winch For Marine Operations?
Hydraulic marine winch is a specific winch, which runs by hydraulic pump station and hydraulic motor. This kind of winch is widely used on decks or shores. You can choose hydraulic anchor winch, mooring winch, towing winch and capstan according to your actual working conditions. Customized service can also be provided, welcome to put in touch with us.
How Much Does A Winch Cost?

Winch is a piece of heavy equipment, it is made up of lots of accessories. Every part is significant for the hydraulic marine winch price. Besides, the cost of it is related to many other internal and external factors. There are many factors affect marine winch cost. So choose the right winch and get accurate winch price. Any problem with the hydraulic winch price can email us any time. The factors are as followings:

Internal Factors:

  • Rated lifting or pulling capacity, we offer 1 to 300 ton winches.
  • Drum numbers, single drum or double drums
  • Winch speed, low speed or high speed
  • Rope or chain diameters

External Factors:

  • Transportation method, air, land or water transportation
  • Material cost
  • Production processing fee
  • International currency exchange rate

How Long Is The Warranty Period?
The warranty period of our winches is one year, if any parts damaged or breakdown caused by quality problems within one year, we will provide free replacement parts. Artificial or damage caused by force majeure is not in the scope of our quality assurance.
How Does A Hydraulic Winch Work?
The hydraulic transmission uses oil as the working medium, transmits movement through the change of the seal volume, and transmits power through the pressure inside the oil.
What Is Hydraulic Pump Station?

Hydraulic marine winch is powered by hydraulic pump station, and hydraulic pump station is an important part of the marine winch. Therefore, before purchasing a hydraulic winch, you are supposed to know more about hydraulic station.

Various Parts Of Hydraulic Pump Station
Pump: It is equipped with motor and oil pump, which is the power source of hydraulic station and converts mechanical energy into power energy.
Integrated block: Integrated block can adjust the direction, pressure and flow of hydraulic oil.
Valve group: The device has the same function as the integrated block.
Oil tank: It is a steel welded semi-closed container with oil filter net, air filter, etc. The oil tank is used for oil storage, oil cooling and filtration.
Electrical box: It can be divided into two forms. One is to set an external lead terminal board. The other is equipped with a full set of control appliances.

Working Principle Of Hydraulic Pump Station
The motor drives the oil pump to rotate. The pump draws oil from the pump and then converts mechanical energy into pressure energy of hydraulic oil.
The hydraulic valve adjusts the direction, pressure and flow of hydraulic oil through the integrated block(or valve group). Hydraulic oil is transmitted to cylinder or oil motor of the hydraulic machinery through the external pipeline, which can control the change of direction of the hydraulic motor, the size of the force and the speed.
Cooling Ways Of Hydraulic Pump Station
Natural cooling: The hydraulic pump station can be cooled by heat exchange between the oil tank and air.

hydraulic pump station
Hydraulic Pump Station

hydraulic pump station
Hydraulic Pump System

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Looking for a reliable, safe and environmental hydraulic winch? As one of the leading winch manufacturers in China, we have involved in the design, research, production of multiple types of winch for decades years. And we have complete advantages in the field of winch. In addition to winch, there are overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, marine travel lifts, hoists and transfer carts available from us. If interested in any product of us, email us or leave your message below with no hesitation. We will get back to you soon.

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