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Column of the crane

Package & Delivery Of 2 Ton Jib Crane To Spain

The 2 ton AQ-BZ jib crane has been packed and delivered to Spain. This crane will be installed in the factory to lift components of heavy machines. The machine is equipped with a chain hoist, which is also provided by Aicrane. Please keep reading the following contents to know more details. Technical Parameters Of 2 …

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Column Of Jib Crane

Two 5 Ton Pillar Jib Cranes Were Delivered To Kazakhstan

Good news! Aicrane has delivered two 5 ton AQ-BZ pillar jib cranes to Kazakhstan. Both of them will be used to lift steel materials in the plant. We also provide the customer with two 5 ton chain hoists, and they will reach their destination on time. The following pictures and description can tell you some …

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BZ Pillar Jib Crane

2BX & 1BZ Jib Crane To Mexico

Recently, 2BX Wall-mounted jib cranes and 1BZ pillar jib crane produced by our company have been delivered to Mexico, and our customer gives positive feedback on the products. This kind of crane is a relatively light lifting equipment. It is popular because of its compact structure, easy operation, flexibility and less maintenance. If you are …

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BX Jib Crane for sale

BX Jib Crane In New Zealand

Just A few days ago, our company has shipped two sets BX wall-mounted jib cranes to New Zealand. This kind of crane can be used in sorts of working conditions. It is fixed on the wall to lift and move materials. As an trustworthy exporter and manufacturer, we have professional team to give you a …

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