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Hydraulic Mooring Winch

Hydraulic mooring winch is our hot-sale product, it is powered by hydraulic system. The winch is a type of mooring winch, which is used to berth boats, widely fixed on the shore or on the boat for mooring working. Hydraulic type winches for sale have lots of functions like supporting and positioning during loading and unloading. Besides, the winch with so many advantages is an ideal choice for your projects.

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30T Hydraulic Mooring Winch To Vietnam

hydraulic mooring winch for sale
Hydraulic Mooring Winch To Vietnam

Hydraulic Winch For Sale
Hydraulic Winch For Sale

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Various Types Of Hydraulic Mooring Winch

Hydraulic mooring winch can be designed into single drum type and double drum type to meet different demands of the customers. These two types of winches are all popular. We can provide you a right winch according to your working conditions.

We offer winches with kinds of sizes and load capacities. For example, we have 5 ton winch, 50 ton winch and 100 ton winch for your choice. In addition, you can select a customized winch, it can be designed for your specific needs. If you are interested in our hydraulic mooring winch, welcome to buy a winch from us, you will get a winch with durability, high quality, stable performance and reasonable price.

Before purchasing a winch, the functions and features of the winch should be considered. A right winch will help you do your job better. Whatever questions you want to ask, please communicate with our team online.

single drum hydraulic winch fro sale
Single Drum Hydraulic Mooring Winch

double drum hydraulic mooring winch for sale
Double Drum Winch

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What Are The Advantages Of Hydraulic Mooring Winch?

  • The winch has a variety of control options.
  • The type of mooring winch is driven by hydraulic power.
  • It is designed in accordance with international standards.
  • High quality and competitive price of our hydraulic mooring winch.
  • Optional warping head of the winch.
  • Different safety equipment options for safe mooring operations.
  • The winch has durable marine grade coating for better corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent after-sales service will be offered.

Specific Design Of Hydraulic Mooring Winch

Hydraulic type winch is an important type of the mooring system. Hydraulic mooring winch is suitable for heavy boats, and it is driven by hydraulic system. The specific mooring winch can be applied for simple mooring working, and it is also a good choice for more complex applications. The winch can be designed into various types like single drum winch, double drum winch and multiple drum winch. According to the way it is arranged, there are right-hand and left-hand options with different capacities.

Customized service is provided. Besides, we also have other types of marine winch for sale, including electric mooring winch, electric towing winch, hydraulic towing winch and anchor winches. All of these marine winches have high quality and long service life. If you have some specific requirements, welcome to contact us, our professional team will give you some advice to help you select a perfect winch for your business.

hydraulic mooring winch for sale
Hydraulic Winch For Sale

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Usage And Protection Of The Hydraulic Winch

Use Method & Protection Of The Winch
Use Method: Before the winch works, the surrounding obstacles should be removed. Check the lubrication and tightness of the joints and the parts of the winch. Only when the parts are in good condition, the operator can start to operate the winch. The winch can work at high speed only under light load and not exceeding one third of the rated load.
Protection Of The Winch: Inject oil into each oil cup regularly.
All non-working surfaces must be painted to prevent corrosion.
When assembling the winch, all the friction surface should be full of grease.
After using the winch, the surrounding water, oil and debris should be cleaned up.
Replace the oil regularly. The hydraulic oil has a great influence on the performance and service life of the winch. The filter of the oil tank must be cleaned before filling the oil. It is strictly prohibited to use the filter containing impurities or used oil with water.

hydraulic mooring winch for sale
Mooring Winch With Hydraulic System

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Why Do You Choose A Hydraulic Mooring Winch?

About mooring winch, we have electric mooring winch and hydraulic mooring winch for sale, so why do you choose a hydraulic type winch?

Selecting hydraulic system is due to the hydraulic system has a wide range of uses, high efficiency and simple structure in power transmission. The primary task of a hydraulic system is to change power from one form to another. Lots of winches of our company can be designed into hydraulic type, If you need a hydraulic type winch for your business, our products will be your good choice. In addition, the working environment you should consider first. The hydraulic mooring winch is supposed to used in suitable conditions.

Perhaps electric mooring winch has relatively safer and easier operation, but electric type winch is not suitable for all conditions. Hydraulic mooring winches for sale are more appropriate for heavier boats. Therefore, when you are going to buy a mooring winch, you should consider your working environment and the specifications of your boats. Welcome to communicate with our professional staff to gain some advice about how to choose a right winch.

What’s The Price Of Hydraulic Mooring Winch?

Various mooring winches have different price. There are many factors to influence the price of hydraulic mooring winch.

Drum Number: Hydraulic mooring winch can be divided into single drum winch and double drum winch or multiple drum winch. The winch with different drum number will have various price.

Load Capacity: The winches offered by our company can be designed in to any capacity, and we have 10 ton winch, 50 ton winch and 100 ton winch for sale. Winches with different load capacity will have different cost.

Hydraulic Pump Station: Hydraulic pump station is very important for the hydraulic type winch, and it cost so many money. Therefore, the price of hydraulic pump station also will influence the price of the winch.

Customized Winch: If you want to pick a customized mooring winch, you may have some extra cost such as replacing some parts of the winch.

Our company has manufactured hydraulic mooring winch for many years, and hydraulic mooring winch is our hot-sale product. We cooperate with lots of customers, so that we have rich experience in quotation, we will give you a reasonable and competitive price. If you are satisfied with the price, you will be satisfied with the winch which has good quality and performance.

hydraulic mooring winch for sale
Hydraulic Mooring Winch For Sale

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Fault Judgment And Solution Of The Hydraulic Type Winch

The Hydraulic Pump Station Suddenly Stops Working.

The overflow valve spool is stuck or the damping hole is plugged.

The circuit is impassable.

Gear pump damage or inhalation of air resulting in insufficient oil pressure.

The filter is jammed.


Dismantle the hydraulic pump to clean.

Check and repair all circuit and switches

Maintain oil pump or replace oil pump.

Clean the filter and replace the filter element.

hydraulic pump station
Hydraulic Pump System

hydraulic valve
Hydraulic valve

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Low Oil Pressure

The nut of relief valve loose.

Leaked seriously.

Internal damage of oil pump.

Hydraulic motor damage.


To tighten the nut of relief valve.

Find out where the leak is and fix it.

Repair or replace oil pump.

Maintain and replace the hydraulic motor.

How To Maintain The Hydraulic Pump Station?

Hydraulic pump station generally uses the hydraulic oil in line with the requirements of the hydraulic system as the medium. The prime power(motor or other power) goes though the pump to sent out the media in line with the demand of flow and pressure for the use of the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic oil: Hydraulic oil should be completely replaced after continuous operation for 40 hours, or the operator can replace it once a year when the tank is full of hydraulic oil.

Quick joint: The joint should be checked regularly to prevent leakage, the joint should avoid getting dirty. Don’t make external objects into the inside. The joint need to be cleaned before use.

Pressure gauge: The gauge is wet pressure gauge filled with liquid. If the liquid level drops, the pressure gauge is leaking. If there is hydraulic oil in the gauge, indicating that the pressure gauge has fault.

Oil inlet screen of the pump station: In normal use, the screen had better be replaced once every two years. If it used frequently, the screen also should be replaced often.

Motor(pneumatic and electric): The draft and bearing of the motor should be cleaned and lubricated once a year.

Remote control switch: The trachea connected to the remote control switch should be checked always to prevent obstruction or knot. If the trachea is bent or ruptured, it needs to be replaced. The spring load press on the remote control handle needs to be checked in case it is difficult to operate.

hydraulic pump station
Hydraulic Pump Station

hydraulic pump
Hydraulic Pump

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A Reliable Winch Manufacturer For Your Reference

Our company is committed to design and development, manufacturing, marketing, etc. While ensuring the quality of our winches, we make great efforts to build a brand and provide reliable winches with good performance for our customers. As a marine winches supplier, our company has various marine winches for sale including hydraulic mooring winch. All of the winches all have high quality and efficiency. Before delivery, every product will be checked by the experts carefully to make sure the quality of the winch.

In order to meet the needs of the development of market economy, we have strengthened the management of production, technology, quality, so as to improve production efficiency, reduce costs and service level.

The staffs of our company have excellent skills though strict professional training. We have patient sales team and after-sales team. Let all customers enjoy excellent service is our mission. For offering better and fast service to our worldwide customers, we have built eight overseas branches, such as Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Philippines, Indonesia and Algeria. Our service concept is to make customers have appropriate selection, secure purchase and satisfactory utilization. It is the best thing for a supplier to solve the needs of their clients.

Our company is an ideal winches exporter for the clients who want to purchase a winch with high quality. The products have been shipped to more than 80 countries and regions. All of our customers think highly of our machines. In addition, we can provide installation and maintenance guidance for you. If you are willing to invest in a hydraulic mooring winch, please put in touch with us, there are a variety of winches for your choice. We will be glad to receive your email.

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