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Good Feedback Of 20 Ton Battery Transfer Cart In Canada

Good news, we have received the positive feedback of the 20 ton AQ-KPX battery transfer cart from our customer in Canada. This machine is used for transferring steel plate in the factory. This kind of transfer cart is powered by battery, which has flexible operation and relatively low cost.

20 ton battery transfer cart
20 Ton Battery Transfer Cart In Canada

Case Details Of 20 Ton AQ-KPX Battery Transfer Cart In Canada

  • The customer was mainly concerned about the power supply mode, operation mode and table size. The customer said that he needed a transfer cart to work on the rail. Besides, the table size is designed according to the customer’s requirement.
  • Considering the difficulty of transporting batteries, we provided the batteries models for the customer, and the customer purchased batteries in Canada. The batteries for the transfer cart are from well-known brands, which can be found all over the world.
  • The production cycle is 40 working days, and the whole machine is packed in wooden box. After package, it was delivered from Qingdao Port To Toronto Port.
  • The machine is with easy installation, and the customer could install it without our help.

battery transfer cart for Canada
20 Ton Transfer Cart For Canada

Aicrane AQ-KPX transfer cart
20T AQ-KPX Battery Transfer Cart

Remote Control of the transfer cart
Remote Control

What’s The Customer’s Impression Of This AQ-KPX Flat Cart?

From receiving this product to using it for one year, the transfer cart always makes our customer satisfied. In the process of using, the machine can work well, which is suitable for the customer’s business. Therefore, the customer was satisfied with the machine and sent many pictures and video to us.

Operation Video Of Battery Transfer Cart In The Customer’s Factory

The following video is about the 20 ton flat cart transferring steel plate in the customer’s factory. We can see that the machine runs smoothly on the track, and it has helped the customer work more efficiently. Welcome to contact us if you want to purchase the machine from Aicrane.

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