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40 Ton Gantry Crane

The 40 ton gantry crane is equipped with the capacity to lift and move materials weighing up to 40 tons. The 40 ton gantry cranes are widely used in manufacturing facilities, shipyards, construction sites, and other settings where the efficient and precise movement of heavy objects is essential. The 40 ton gantry crane is suitable for tasks requiring substantial lifting capacity, providing a reliable and versatile solution for diverse material handling needs.
45 Ton Gantry Crane For Kazakhstan
40 Ton Gantry Crane

Types of 40 Ton Gantry Crane For Sale

The 40 ton gantry crane is a heavy duty gantry crane. Aicrane has several types of 40 ton gantry crane for sale. The main types are rubber tyred gantry crane, container gantry crane, AQ-MG model, AQ-MDU model. There are also other types of gantry crane which can be customized with 40 ton load capacity, such as boat gantry crane and straddle carrier gantry crane.

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

Aicrane’s 40 ton rubber tyred gantry crane stands out as a versatile and efficient mobile gantry crane designed to excel in various engineering projects worldwide. Whether lifting and transferring concrete beams, assembling heavy loads, or positioning pipelines, this crane offers the ideal solution.

4×15 Ton Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane
Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane With Four Hoist

The 40 ton rubber tyred gantry crane by Aicrane is engineered to lift and transport heavy loads with precision and reliability. Aicrane offers a customizable approach, allowing customers to choose between single girder or double girder gantry crane configurations based on their specific operational requirements.
gantry crane with double hoists
Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane With Double Hoists

Container Gantry Crane

A 40 ton container gantry crane is a heavy-duty lifting equipment designed specifically for the efficient handling of containers in various industrial settings such as shipping yards, ports, and container terminals. This gantry crane is a crucial component of the logistics and transportation industry, facilitating the smooth movement and stacking of containers with precision and safety.

Container Gantry Cranes Solution
Container Gantry Cranes Solution

Many container gantry cranes feature a double girder design, providing enhanced strength, stability, and lifting height. Equipped with a spreader beam, the crane securely grabs and lifts containers from the top corner fittings. This ensures a stable and balanced lift during container handling operations.
Container Handling Industrial Gantry Crane Solution
Container Handling Industrial Gantry Crane Solution

Container gantry cranes are designed with a long span between the legs, allowing them to traverse over multiple container rows for efficient loading and unloading. The 40 ton container gantry crane significantly contributes to the optimization of container handling operations, ensuring the timely and safe movement of goods in the global supply chain.
Aicrane Rail-mounted Container Gantry Crane Solution
Aicrane Rail-mounted Container Gantry Crane Solution

AQ-MG Gantry Crane

The 40 ton MG A-Type gantry grane by Aicrane combines robust construction, advanced control systems, and a range of safety features to deliver powerful and reliable performance. The A-Type design provides stability and strength, making it suitable for handling substantial loads in various applications.

A-type Gantry Crane Without Cantilever
A-type Gantry Crane Without Cantilever

The A-type configuration enhances stability and structural integrity, ensuring reliable performance in challenging working conditions. A-type double girder gantry crane is commonly used outdoors to lift containers or other heavy items. It has a large space between two legs, this is very convenient for loading unloading materials.

A-type Gantry Crane With Double Cantilever
AQ-MG A-type Gantry Crane
two A-type gantry cranes
Two A-type Gantry Cranes

AQ-MDU Gantry Crane

The MDU U-type gantry crane is a heavy-duty lifting solution. The U-type design refers to the shape of the gantry legs, which resemble the letter “U.” Compared with the A-type gantry crane, its two legs are more parallel, allowing cargo to pass through the space between the legs.

MG U type
U-type Gantry Crane
MG 32T U type
U-type Double Girder Gantry Crane

Other Types

Boat Crane

The boat crane is a marine lifting equipment designed specifically for the hoisting and transport of boats and yachts within shipyards, marinas, and other waterfront facilities. This type of gantry crane is crucial for handling vessels of varying sizes, providing a convenient and efficient solution for boat maintenance, repair, launching, and storage. The boat crane is an indispensable tool in the maritime industry, contributing to the smooth and safe handling of boats and yachts for a range of applications.

Straddle Carrier Gantry Crane

The straddle carrier gantry crane is renowned for its multifunctional capabilities, this equipment is particularly advantageous in applications such as precast construction and tunneling projects. This kind of gantry crane is used in the prefab yard to transport and position prefabricated items.

DTL800 straddle carrier
DTL 800 Ton Straddle Carrier Gantry Crane

The cross-line straddle carrier can also be used in cross-line construction for installing bridge segments. Moreover, the special purpose straddle carrier can be used for some other special purposes like tunnel construction.

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Client Cases

Aicrane is a professional gantry crane manufacturer. We provide gantry crane solutions for clients all over the world. Here are two client cases of 40 ton gantry crane.

40 Ton YTL Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane For USA

Aicrane exported a 40 ton YTL gantry crane to USA. This crane is a hydraulic rubber tyred gantry crane with four wheels. The YTL gantry crane can also be customized with eight wheel depending on the load capacity.

40 Ton Rubber Tyred Gantry for the USA
40 Ton Rubber Tyred Gantry for the USA

This crane’s span is 19.8 meter and it has single girder structure. Our customer in USA purchase it to lift tanks in their own factory.One of the key features of this single girder gantry crane is its hydraulic drive system. Hydraulic systems offer smooth and precise control, ensuring efficient and reliable operation. The rubber tyres enable the crane to move easily on various surfaces, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The flexibility of movement allows for efficient material handling in different locations.

40 Ton YTL Gantry Crane
40 Ton YTL Gantry Crane
YTL Gantry Crane
YTL Gantry Crane

This gantry crane went through steering techniques test in our factory. With the help of the rubber ties, the gantry crane can achieve various gantry crane operation. It can move straightforward and straight backward. The crab steering toward left and right can be done. The all around steering 360°clockwise or counterclockwise can both be done.

45 Ton Container Gantry Crane For Kazakhstan

Aicrane’s 45 ton container gantry crane helps to boost the work efficiency of Рената’s company in Kazakhstan. This company specializes in logistics operations at railway yards, where they need cranes to lift shipping containers. Initially, she inquired about a portal gantry crane suitable for lifting 20-foot, 40-foot, and 45-foot shipping containers.

Main Structure of 45 Ton RMG Crane
Main Structure of 45 Ton RMG Crane

After understanding their initial need, we engaged in discussions with our technical department to provide an optimal solution. Given the high volume of container handling which is 100-120 containers per day, it was crucial to design a container gantry crane for Kazakhstan that would maximize efficiency.

45Ton RMG Solution
45Ton RMG Solution
45 Ton RMG Design
45 Ton RMG Design

Finally, we provided the RMG crane with a maximum load capacity of 45 tons. With a rail span of 32 meters and a height of 12.5 meters, this container gantry crane for Kazakhstan provides optimal coverage and versatility for container terminals or logistics facilities. It operates at an A6 classification, indicating its robustness and suitability for heavy-duty operations. This rail-mounted gantry crane is equipped with container spreader which can lift the container smoothly.

Applications of 40 Ton Gantry Crane

The 40 ton gantry crane, with its robust design and impressive lifting capacity, finds applications across various industries, playing a crucial role in material handling and heavy-duty operations. Here are some common applications of the industrial gantry crane 40 ton:

  • Construction Sites: Gantry cranes are often employed in construction projects for tasks such as lifting steel beams, concrete panels, and other construction materials. The 40 ton capacity ensures that it can handle substantial loads common in construction.
  • Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane For Sale
    Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane In Construction Site
  • Shipbuilding Yards: Shipbuilding requires the handling of large and heavy components. The gantry crane 40 ton is well-suited for lifting ship parts, engines, and other maritime equipment, contributing to the construction of vessels.
  • Shipbuilding gantry crane
    Shipbuilding Gantry Crane
  • Container Yards: In container terminals, gantry cranes are essential for loading and unloading shipping containers from trucks and vessels. The gantry crane 40 ton enhances the efficiency of container handling operations.
  • rail mounted gantry crane for containers
    Rail-mounted Container Gantry Crane
    Aicrane Container Gantry Crane
    Container Gantry Crane
  • Manufacturing Facilities: In manufacturing environments, the gantry crane 40 ton is utilized for lifting and moving heavy machinery, equipment, and raw materials. Its high load capacity and precise control make it indispensable for efficient production processes.
  • Steel Mills: The steel industry relies on heavy-duty equipment for handling molten metal, steel coils, and other materials. The 40 ton gantry crane’s durability and strength make it suitable for these demanding applications.
  • Mining Operations: Mining sites often require the movement of heavy loads such as ore, minerals, and mining equipment. The 40 ton gantry crane supports mining operations by efficiently handling these substantial materials.
  • mining gantry crane
    Mining Gantry Crane

These applications showcase the versatility and strength of the gantry crane 40 ton, making it a valuable asset in various industries where heavy lifting and precise material handling are essential for operational success.

Services of Aicrane

Aicrane, as a leading crane manufacturer and service provider, offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We as a gantry crane supplier are committed to delivering high-quality solutions, ensuring operational efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction. Here are some key services provided by Aicrane:

  • Consultation Services: Aicrane provides expert consultation services to assist clients in choosing the most suitable crane solutions for specific applications. Our company’s knowledgeable team offers guidance on crane types, specifications, and customization options.
  • Customization Services: Recognizing that each industry and application has unique requirements, Aicrane offers customization services. Clients can work closely with Aicrane’s engineering team to tailor crane designs, features, and functionalities to meet their specific operational needs.
  • Product Manufacturing: Aicrane manufactures a wide range of cranes, including gantry cranes, overhead cranes, jib cranes, and more. The manufacturing process adheres to high-quality standards, utilizing advanced technology and materials to ensure the durability and reliability of the cranes.
  • Production Process in Factory
    Production Process in Factory
    Aicrane Factory
    Aicrane Factory
  • Installation and Commissioning: Aicrane provides professional installation and commissioning services, ensuring that cranes are set up correctly and meet safety regulations. Our skilled technicians and service team handle the installation process efficiently, minimizing downtime for clients.
  • Aicrane Professional Engineers
    Aicrane Professional Engineers
  • Maintenance and Repair: To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of cranes, Aicrane provides routine maintenance and repair services. Our experienced technicians conduct inspections, preventive maintenance, and timely repairs to address any issues and avoid potential breakdowns.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Aicrane understands the importance of reliable customer support. We provide 24/7 assistance, allowing clients to access technical support, troubleshooting, and guidance whenever needed.
  • service
    service engineers
  • Global Delivery and Logistics: Our company facilitates global delivery and logistics, ensuring that cranes and components reach clients efficiently and on time. The company manages the shipping process to guarantee the safe and timely arrival of products at their destinations.
  • Shipment of 100 Ton Trolley
    Shipment of Crane Trolley
  • After-Sales Services: Aicrane is dedicated to providing excellent after-sales services. This includes continuous support, spare parts availability, and ongoing assistance to address any post-installation concerns or requirements.
  • Aicrane Customer Service Team
    Aicrane Customer Service Team

In summary, Aicrane’s services encompass the entire lifecycle of crane acquisition, from consultation and customization to manufacturing, installation, training, maintenance, and ongoing support. Our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction makes it a reliable partner for industries requiring robust and efficient material handling solutions.

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