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Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine

Fully automatic mask making machine has high quality structure. If can offer high standard mask production. If you want to making mask equipment, you can choose the machine operation. It has high efficiency. According to your country standard, you can produce the 3 ply face mask, medical mask, surgical mask, KN95 mask, etc. Please learn the mask masking machine price.

Face Mask Capacity

High Output (120,000-140,000/day)

99% high production qualification rate

2% low equipment failure rate

Fully Automatic Mask Making Machine

According to numbers, the mask machine has different price for customers. If you need large machines for hospital, we can offer the large discounts. No matter what you are from, we can ensure the safety and transportation way. The mask is very important for people. If you have needs, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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