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European Standard Overhead Cranes Were Used In Uzbekistan

The customer from Uzbekistan has purchased a 5 ton AQ-HD European standard overhead crane and two 10 ton AQ-HD overhead cranes from Aicrane. These cranes are used to lift and move machines in the customer’s factory. They are equipped with European standard hoists. Please keep reading the following contents to know more details.

5 ton AQ-HD overhead crane
5 Ton Overhead Crane In Uzbekistan

10t overhead crane in Uzbekistan
10 Ton European Type Overhead Crane

Cooperation Details Of These Overhead Cranes For Uzbekistan

  • This customer has cooperated with Aicrane before, and he was satisfied with our cranes and service. When his other cranes should be replaced, he contacted us again.
  • This customer had enough budget, and he had high requirements on the working performance of the crane. Therefore, our project consultants in Uzbekistan usually recommended European standard overhead crane to him. According to different loads to be lifted, the customer finally purchased these single girder cranes with 5 ton and 10 ton lifting capacity.
  • During production, many production details like the beam production, hoist production, and electrical devices production have been sent to the customer. This service has helped the customer know the production progress.
  • About the crane package, we adopt waterproof color band cloth to pack these cranes, and hoists are packed in wooden boxes. When it comes to installation, we have branch office in Uzbekistan, and our installation team can go to the installation site for installation guidance fast.

Operation Video Of 10 Ton Overhead Crane In Uzbekistan

This video is about that the 10 ton overhead crane runs on the crane travelling beam, and we can see it works in the customer’s factory. The customer said this crane has helped them improve the working efficiency.

What Are The Advantages Of AQ-HD Overhead Crane?

AQ-HD single girder European standard overhead crane is our hot-sale machine, which is popular because of its high performance. Commonly, this crane has higher price than the normal overhead crane, but it has frequency conversion operation, low energy consumption, light dead weight, and beautiful appearance. Therefore, many customers with enough budgets are willing to choose the European standard crane.

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