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Empty Container Handler

Empty container handler is designed for lifting and transferring various empty containers. It can be used in port or railway to move containers. If you want to purchase a product for transporting empty containers, the machine is an ideal choice. This kind of machine is suitble for 20ft and 40ft international containers, welocme to put in touch with us to get it.

Empty Container Handler for sale
Empty Container Handler

Empty Container Handler For Sale
Empty Container Handler For Sale

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Various Features Of Empty Container Handler

container handler

Intelligent And Efficient

The machine adopts large displacement and double variable pump load sensitive hydraulic system, double pump confluence and flow regeneration differential technology. The lifting speed is 5%-10% higher than other domestic empty-container handler.

Reasonable optimization of the machine, large amount of reserve power fuel, strong and continuous operation ability. The battery life is 13%-19% higher than the industry products.

The door frame biased load detection and early warning system: Through the pressure sensor installed at the end of the chain to detect the weight and off-load on both sides of the door frame. The detection error is less than 1%.

Intelligent brake system: Detecting the rear situation of container handler through radar and infrared probe. When there are people or obstacles approaching, the machine will alarm and brake intelligently.

Safe And Reliable

Ring automatic fire extinguishing system: The fire extinguishing is arranged around the engine room for self-detection and automatic start.

High-quality plate, fatigue analysis of the whole working condition, the spreader, frame and door frame have reasonable stress.

Adopt self-circulating well connected hydraulic motor independent heat dissipation technology. The hydraulic system heat balance temperature is below 80 C. Users can operate sustainably in high temperature environment without shutdown, saving operation time and cost.

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empty container stacker

Comfortable Operation

Easy to operate: Reasonable layout of control components, often operate the button within easy reach, easy to operate.

Comfortable cab: High-power cold and warm air conditioner with intelligent temperature adjustment, three-dimensional air duct layout, wide temperature adjustment range, fast response speed. Large space in the driver’s cab, the suspension seat can be adjusted to various positions, multi-point layout at the bottom, large contact surface cushion, minimize the driver fatigue intensity.

Wide vision: Panoramic view ahead, large glass area at the top, no shelter, rear layout of observation holes.

Smooth operation: The dual-variable pump-controlled load sensing system is adopted to automatically adjust the output flow of the oil pump according to the load demand. The electrical ratio of the gantry is stable and the output flow is small. The minimum stable lifting speed is less than 1.5mm/ s, and the operation is smooth.

Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection

Load-sensitive hydraulic system: The hydraulic system automatically adjusts the output flow of the oil pump according to the load demand, and realizes high-precision flow control, which can avoid overflow losses.

Global dynamic power matching energy saving technology: Through the detection of hydraulic system pressure, user operating speed demand (i.e. handle Angle and throttle signal), automatic identification of dynamic power demand, active adjustment and control of engine speed, make the engine work in the best operating area.

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Empty Container Handler For Sale

Empty container handler is a machine to help you stack empty containers. It can stack up to 9 layers. Because the special spreader lifts vertically along the mast, The empty container handler can only stack the outer containers, and cannot achieve cross-container operations.

The machine has the characteristics of high stacking layer, fast stacking and handling speed, high operation efficiency, flexibility and saving site. The container stacker is flexible and reliable in performance. It can be used for horizontal transportation, yard stacking, loading, unloading, handling and unpacking. It is with relatively low cost, convenient operation and maintenance, which be driven by diesel and battery.

Empty Container Stacker
Empty Container Stacker

Container Handler Machine
Container Handler Machine

Machine Moving Empty Container
Machine Moving Empty Container

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Empty Container Handler & Container Reach Stacker

Container reach stacker and empty container handler are all important equipment of container transportation. Empty container stacker is mainly capable to stack empty containers. It generally can stack containers of 7-8 layers. Container reach stacker can move both full container and empty container.

Compared with container reach stacker, the empty container handler for sale is with lower cost and cannot be operated across over containers. Our customers commonly choose a machine in accordance with their actual working conditions.

In our company, you can find various types of reach stackers, and these machines have different features and adopt kinds of advanced technologies. If you are planning to buy a machine to transfer containers, please have a communication with our skilled staffs.

Reach Stacker 45 Ton for sale
Reach Stacker 45 Ton

Container Handler for sale
Container Handler

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Empty Container Handler Price


Some Factors Affect Empty Container Handler Price

  • Because of some limited operations, empty container stacker is not as expensive as container reach stacker. For example, our hot-sale 45 ton reach stacker has higher price than this machine.
  • Besides, the price of this kind of machine is also affected by other factors. The lifting capacity, lifting height, different models can all influence the price of a empty container stacker.
  • The price of different parts of the machine will have influence on its price. The components of our products are supplied by reliable companies.
  • What’s more, transportation cost, the cost of raw materials also should be considered.
  • The customers should choose a right machine in accordance with their actual working conditions and budget.
  • If you want to know the specific empty container handler price, please contact us, and you will get the free quotation.

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Why Do You Choose Our Company?

As a reliable reach stacker supplier & exporter, we have cooperated with so many clients from different countries. If you choose a machine from our company, you will not only get the high-quality product and excellent service. We already have built five overseas branches, such as Pakistan,Uzbekistan, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

About after-sales service, we can provide the clients with installation and maintenance guidance online. All of our machines are woth one year warranty, if any parts damaged or breakdown caused by quality problems within 1 year, we will provide free replacement parts. Besides, we will provide 1 year of wearing parts for free. Convenient transportation and fast delivery are also our advantages. Looking forward to working with you.


What Is Empty Container Handler?

Generally, there are some empty containers at the ports or on the railways , which need to be transferred. The empty container handler is a good choice to move these containers. What’s more, this machine is designed for empty containers, and it is not suitable for full containers because of its special spreader.

This kind of machine can help you work efficiently. It can lift containers up to 9 layers, and you can choose the lifting hight in line with your business. In addition, emptycontainer stacker is with relatively low price, welcome to contact us.

Container Handler
Container Handler

Container Stacker
Container Stacker

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What Is Empty Container Handler System?

The lifting system of the empty container handler is mainly composed of inner mast, outer mast, lifting cylinder, tilt cylinder, and spreader. It is an important system of the empty container handler, which reflects the lifting capacity and loading and unloading efficiency, and is an important factor in determining the operating productivity of the stacker.

Specifically, the empty container stacker realizes the stacking and handling of containers through the up and down movement of the lifting system. The stacking height depends on the maximum lifting height of the lifting system, and the operating productivity depends on the lifting and lowering speed of the lifting system.

Container Handler Systems
Container Handler Systems

System Of Container Stacker
System Of Container Stacker

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Inspection Before Operation

Inspection before operation plays a vital role in the safety of stacker operation, which can not be ignored.

Perform the following actions before checking the stacker:

A. Park the stacker in a safe and stable place first

B. Stop the engine, pull the hand brake, and set all control levers in neutral position.

C. Position the mast perpendicular to the horizontal line, keep the fork in contact with the ground.

Starting inspection

Inspect around the stacker for oil or water leakage. Check whether the tire pressure is normal, and are there any cuts in the tread? Whether the steel ring is deformed or damaged, and whether the screws are locked properly. Check the tightness of the mast chain. Check whether the lamp system is damaged and whether the roof cover is deformed or cracked.

Open the hood and check the cooling water level. Check engine oil level. Check the fan belt for cracks and wear. Inspect the battery electrolyte level. Check the hydraulic oil level. Check brake oil level.Drop the hood, and get in the seat. Adjust the seat into position. Adjust the steering wheel tilt Angle to the optimal position. Check whether the horn function is normal. Test the brake pedal to see if it works. Test the accelerator pedal to see if it is normal.

Turn the key switch to ON to check whether the fuel level is sufficient. Check all warning lights and instruments on instrument panel for normal operation. Check whether the indicator lever works normally. Check whether the brake lights are working properly. Start the engine and let it warm up for 5 minutes to check for abnormal sounds or abnormal vibrations. Check whether the mast lifting, forward and backward tilt are smooth. Check the oil pressure cylinder and tubing for oil leakage. Move the stacker slowly to the safe area. Check that braking force is sufficient. Check that the steering wheel turns properly.

It can be seen that the inspection work needs dozens of items, which is a tedious thing. However, safety is the most important. Once an accident happens to the stacker, its influence and damage are great. In order to maximize safety and minimize risk, operators should pay more attention to these aspects.

How To Maintain The Container Handler?

In addition to the inspection work before each use, in order to ensure the life and performance of the machine parts, but also to carry out regular inspection and maintenance work.

When there is a problem in the operation of stacker:

A. when you encounter problems, please discuss with your supervisor or technical personnel, do not immediately repair to ensure the safety of man-machine.

B. For more professional maintenance or maintenance projects, please hand over to technicians or trained professionals for professional forklift maintenance.


Daily maintenance: the machine should be carried out once a day, the main content is to keep the body surface clean, clean the battery surface, check whether the power line is firm, chain tightness is normal.

What Are Our Payment Methods?

The payment methods we can accept are T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc. We can accept credit card payment, our Paypal account supports credit card payment. In addition, we can make the deal through Alibaba trade assurance that supports credit card payment.

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