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Electric Winches Were Successfully Exported To The Philippines

Good news! Three AQ-JM electric winches have arrived in Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines. This kind of winch for Philippines is with slow speed and powered by electric motor. These winches will be used in construction site to pull loads, and the base is being fabricated. Please continue to read this post to know more details.

Electric Winch To Philippines
Aicrane Electric Winch To Philippines

Aicrane winch to Philippines
Slow Speed Winch To Philippines

Parameters Of Electric Winch For Philippines

Type AQ-JM Electric Winch
Rated Load 30KN
Rated Speed 9.5m/min
Rope Capacity 80m
Diameter of Wire Rope 15mm

What Did The Customer Say?

The customer said that he did a QC inspection and all unit working fine. The customer is a middleman, and he expressed that he was satisfied with Aicrane electric winches and one-stop services. Therefore, he is willing to cooperate with Aicrane in the future.

electric winch for sale
Positive Feedback

What Did Aicrane Do For The Customer From The Philippines?

  • Aicrane project consultant and technicians provided the most suitable winch solutions for the customer. During communication, the customer said he needed three electric winches. According to the customer’s requirements and working condition of these winches, our engineers advised the customer to buy the AQ-JM slow speed construction winch.
  • During production, our customer service team has updated production pictures per week, and they also arranged shipping, installation and other work in advance. Our service has been very well-received by the customer.
  • About the installation, this kind of machine is with simple structure and easy installation. Aicrane engineers can provide the free installation guidance online.
  • Aicrane is becoming the famous winch supplier in Philippines, and we have set up service center in the Philippines. The service center can provide fast and excellent service for customers.
  • Our Crane Project Consultant
    Our Crane Project Consultant

How About Winch Price In Philippines?

Aicrane winch price in Philippines is affected to so many factors. We can guarantee that the price of Aicrane winch for Philippines is reasonable, and our winch is with factory price because we have own large-scale factory. Welcome to contact us to get a free quotation!

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