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Double Girder EOT Crane

A double girder EOT (Electric Overhead Traveling) crane is a type of industrial crane characterized by two parallel girders that support the bridge of the crane. It is designed for heavy lifting applications and offers higher lifting capacities compared to single girder eot cranes. They can be customized with various features such as variable speed controls, precise positioning systems, and safety devices to enhance operational efficiency and ensure safe lifting operations.
Double Girder EOT Crane Lifting Steel Coil
Double Girder EOT Crane Lifting Steel Coil

Double Girder EOT Crane Cases

The double girder configuration of double girder eot crane provides increased stability and enables efficient load distribution during lifting operations. Aicrane has different types of eot cranes for sale. Our double girder eot cranes helped many clients to boost their work efficiency.

Double Girder EOT Crane for Steel Coil Lifting in Nigeria

Aicrane recently works with a steel factory in Nigeria, delivering and installing two robust double girder electric overhead traveling (EOT) cranes with capacities of 25 tons and 16 tons respectively.

The client’s primary challenge was efficiently and safely handling heavy steel coils within their facility. Aicrane recommended two double girder electric overhead cranes, a 25-ton model for heavier loads and a 16-ton model for versatile handling. These cranes are renowned for their high load-bearing capacity, precise control, and durability.

Two NLH Double Girder EOT Crane in Nigeria
Two NLH Double Girder EOT Crane in Nigeria

Our expert team of technicians and engineers meticulously installed and fine-tuned the cranes to ensure seamless integration into the client’s operations. Rigorous testing and debugging were conducted to guarantee optimal performance.

With the new 25-ton and 16-ton double girder EOT cranes in place, our client experienced a significant enhancement in their steel coil handling efficiency. The client expressed immense satisfaction with the performance of the Aicrane eot cranes.

Double Girder EOT Crane For The Philippines

Aicrane recently completed the delivery and installation of two overhead cranes in the Philippines for our valued customers. One of these cranes is a double girder EOT crane, while the other is a single girder crane.

20T and 5T overhead cranes in Philippines
20T and 5T overhead cranes in Philippines

The specific models we provided are the HD5T overhead crane and NLH20t overhead crane. The NLH20t is a double girder EOT crane with a lifting capacity of 20 tons. Both cranes adhere to European standards and have been carefully selected to meet the customer’s requirements for enhanced material handling processes.

NLH20t installation
NLH20t installation
5T HD overhead crane
5T HD overhead crane

The NLH overhead crane is an exceptional and versatile solution designed to handle a wide range of lifting tasks with precision. Equipped with advanced features such as reliable remote control capabilities and impressive lifting capacities, it offers optimal performance for our customer’s operations.

For inquiries about our types of eot cranes and other material handling solutions, feel free to get in touch with our expert team at Aicrane. We look forward to helping you optimize your lifting operations.

Main Types of Double Girder EOT Crane

Aicrane has three main types of double girder eot cranes for sale. They are AQ-LH, AQ-NLH and AQ-QD.

  • LH Double Girder EOT Crane: LH cranes are equipped with advanced control systems that allow for accurate positioning and smooth operation, making them suitable for tasks that require precision.
  • NLH Double Girder EOT Crane: The NLH Double Girder EOT Crane is an advanced variant of the traditional double girder crane. Known for its technological sophistication, NLH cranes are designed to provide high-level performance, safety, and efficiency in material handling operations.
  • QD Double Girder EOT Crane: The QD Double Girder EOT Crane is a heavy-duty lifting solution designed for demanding industrial environments. Known for its high capacity and durability, the QD crane is built to handle extremely heavy loads with efficiency and precision.

AQ-LH Double Girder Crane

AQ-LH Double Girder Overhead Crane

Capacity: 5-50t
  • Span: 10.5-31.5m
  • Lifting height: 6-30m
  • Lifting speed: 0.18-8m/min
  • Trolley speed: 20m/min
  • Crane running speed: 20m/min
  • Work duty: A3, A4
  • Customized service provided

AQ-NLH European Overhead Crane

AQ-NLH European Double Girder Crane

Capacity: 5-80t
  • Span: 10.5-31.5m
  • Lifting height: 6-18m
  • Lifting speed: 0.4-5m/min
  • Trolley speed: 2-20m/min
  • Crane running speed: 3-30m/min
  • Work duty: A5
  • Customized service provided

AQ-QD Overhead Crane

AQ-QD Double Girder Overhead Crane

Capacity: 5-450t
  • Span: 10.5-31.5m
  • Lifting height: 6-24m
  • Lifting speed: 2.1-11.5m/min
  • Trolley speed: 27-40m/min
  • Crane running speed: 42-75m/min
  • Work duty: A3-A7
  • Customized service provided

Each of these types of double girder EOT cranes offers unique features and capabilities suited for specific industries and applications. Choosing the right types of eot cranes depends on factors like the nature of the materials to be handled, the required lifting capacity, and the level of precision and automation needed in the operation.

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Applications of Double Girder EOT Crane

Double girder EOT (Electric Overhead Traveling) cranes are versatile lifting machines that find extensive applications in various industries. These cranes are typically used in manufacturing, construction, and warehouses where heavy loads need to be lifted and transported with precision and reliability. Some common applications of double girder EOT cranes include:

  • Heavy manufacturing and fabrication: Double girder EOT cranes are commonly used in heavy manufacturing facilities such as steel mills, foundries, and metal fabrication shops. They are ideal for lifting and moving heavy materials, components, and large machinery during production processes.
  • Foundry Crane
    Foundry Crane
  • Warehousing and logistics: These cranes are employed in warehouses and logistics centers to efficiently handle the movement and storage of goods. They can lift and transport bulky or heavy items within the facility, improving material handling and optimizing storage space.
  • LH 20T Double Girder EOT Crane in Warehouse
    LH 20T Double Girder EOT Crane in Warehouse
  • Construction industry: Double beam EOT cranes play a crucial role in the construction sector for tasks like lifting and placing construction materials, equipment, and precast concrete elements. Their high load capacity and extended lifting height make them suitable for tall building construction and infrastructure projects.
  • Crane In Construction Site
    50T Crane In Construction Site
     crane and steel beams
    overhead bridge crane and steel beams
  • Mining and extraction: In mining and extraction operations, double girder EOT cranes are employed for lifting and transporting heavy loads, such as ore, coal, or equipment, within mines and processing plants. They facilitate material handling in demanding and rugged environments.
  • grab crane in mines
    Grab Crane In Mine

These are just a few examples of the broad range of applications where double beam EOT cranes are utilized. Their robust design, high load capacity, and flexibility make them indispensable in industries that require efficient lifting and material handling operations.

Factors Influencing Double Girder EOT Crane Price

The price of a double girder EOT crane can vary depending on several factors. Here are some key factors that influence the price:

  • Load capacity: The load capacity of the crane is a significant factor in determining its price. Higher load capacities require stronger and more robust components, which can increase the overall cost of the crane.
  • 100 ton crane
    100 ton overhead crane for sale
    overhead crane 50 ton with hook price
    overhead crane 50 ton with hook
    standard 30 ton double girder bridge crane design
    standard 30 ton double girder bridge crane
  • Span and lifting height: The span refers to the distance between the runway rails, while the lifting height is the maximum vertical distance the crane can lift. Longer spans and higher lifting heights typically require larger and more complex crane designs, resulting in higher costs.
  • Crane size and configuration: The physical size of the crane, including the length of the girders and the overall dimensions, affects the manufacturing and material costs. Additionally, the specific configuration of the crane, such as the type of hoist and trolley system, can impact the price.
  • Double Girder Crane With Trolley
    Double Girder Crane With Trolley
  • Customization requirements: If the double girder EOT crane needs to be customized to suit specific operational needs or facility constraints, it may involve additional engineering, design, and fabrication costs. Customizations could include specialized controls, anti-sway devices, or unique features for specific industries.
  • Aicrane Customer Service Team
    Aicrane Customer Service Team
  • Quality and specifications: The quality of materials used, manufacturing standards adhered to, and certifications obtained by the crane manufacturer can influence the price. Higher quality components and adherence to industry standards ensure better performance, durability, and reliability but may come at a higher cost.
  • Additional features and accessories: Extra features and accessories like remote controls, operator cabins, specialized hooks, or advanced safety systems can add to the overall price of the crane.
  • 5 Ton Hooks
    5 Ton Hooks
    Cabin Of The Crane
    Cabin Of The Crane

It’s important to note that while price is a significant consideration, it’s equally important to prioritize factors such as quality, safety, and reliability when selecting a double girder electric overhead travelling crane. It’s recommended to consult with crane manufacturers or suppliers to get accurate pricing information based on specific project requirements. Feel free to contact us and get a free quote for the double girder eot crane you need.

Features of Double Girder EOT Crane

Double girder EOT (Electric Overhead Traveling) cranes are heavy-duty lifting machines commonly used in industrial settings. They offer several key features:

  • Superior load capacity: Double girder EOT cranes are designed to handle heavy loads and offer higher load capacities compared to single girder cranes. Their robust structure and double girder configuration provide increased stability and strength.
  • AQ-QD Heavy-duty EOT Crane
    AQ-QD Heavy-duty EOT Crane
    AQ-QD Heavy-duty Crane Trolley
    AQ-QD Heavy-duty Crane Trolley
  • Enhanced stability and precision: The double girder design ensures improved stability during lifting operations, reducing swaying and enhancing precision when positioning loads. This makes them suitable for applications that require accuracy and control.
  • Flexible span options: Double beam EOT cranes are available in various span options to suit different workspace requirements. They can be customized to fit specific facility layouts or production needs.
  • Increased lifting height: These cranes have a higher hook lift, allowing them to reach greater heights and accommodate taller structures or lifting requirements.
  • Heavy-duty Double Girder EOT Crane With Great Height
    Heavy-duty Double Girder EOT Crane With Great Height
    Double Girder EOT Crane With Great Height
    Double Girder EOT Crane With Great Height
  • Smooth and efficient operation: Equipped with advanced electrical controls, double girder EOT cranes offer smooth and precise movements. Features like variable frequency drives (VFDs) enable fine speed control, making them ideal for delicate or heavy-duty lifting tasks.
  • Multiple lifting mechanisms: These cranes often come with multiple lifting mechanisms, such as hoists or trolleys, allowing for versatile lifting configurations. This enables users to handle different types of loads effectively.
  • EOT Crane With Two Trolleys
    EOT Crane With Two Trolleys
  • Improved safety features: Double girder EOT cranes are equipped with safety devices like overload protection, emergency stop buttons, limit switches, and anti-collision systems. These features enhance operator safety and prevent accidents in the workplace.
  • Easy maintenance and serviceability: With proper maintenance, double girder EOT cranes can provide long-term reliability. They are designed for ease of inspection, repair, and component replacement, minimizing downtime and ensuring efficient operation.

Advantages of Aicrane As Double Girder EOT Crane Manufacturer

Aicrane offers several advantages as a double girder EOT crane manufacturer. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Exceptional Quality: Aicrane is committed to delivering high-quality cranes that meet international standards. The company focuses on using premium materials and employing rigorous quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring reliable and durable double girder EOT cranes.
  • Certificate
  • Customization Options: Aicrane understands that different industries have unique requirements. As a result, we offer a wide range of customization options for their double beam EOT cranes. Customers can tailor the cranes to specific lifting capacities, spans, lifting heights, and other features, allowing for a precise fit to their application needs.
  • service
  • Advanced Technology and Innovation: Aicrane stays at the forefront of crane technology and continuously incorporates innovative features into our double girder EOT cranes. This includes advanced control systems, variable frequency drives, remote control capabilities, and safety features, enhancing efficiency, precision, and operator convenience.
  • Comprehensive Service: Aicrane provides comprehensive services to our customers, including consultation, design, manufacturing, delivery, installation, and after-sales support. Our team of experts assists customers in selecting the most suitable double girder EOT crane and ensures smooth implementation and operation of the crane system.
  • Project Consultant
    Project Consultant
  • Competitive Pricing: Despite our focus on quality and innovation, Aicrane strives to offer competitive pricing for our double girder EOT cranes. We aim to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on performance or reliability, making our eot cranes an excellent value proposition for customers.
  • Global Footprint: Aicrane has a broad global presence and serves customers from various industries worldwide. With a strong reputation and extensive experience in the industry, we have built trust and credibility among our customers.
  • Aicrane Subcompany in Uzbekistan
    Aicrane Subcompany in Uzbekistan
    Aicrane Subcompany in Indonesia
    Aicrane Subcompany in Indonesia
  • Commitment to Safety: Aicrane prioritizes safety in our crane designs and incorporates multiple safety features in our double girder EOT cranes. These include overload protection systems, emergency stop buttons, anti-collision devices, and comprehensive operator training, ensuring a safe working environment.

These advantages make Aicrane a preferred choice for customers seeking reliable, customizable, and technologically advanced double girder EOT cranes. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a reputable manufacturer in the industry. Contact us and get a suitable double girder eot crane for your business.

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