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Delivery Of 5 Ton AQ-JK High Speed Electric Winch To Iraq

Good news, Aicrane has delivered a 5 ton AQ-JK electric winch to Iraq. The winch is with high speed, and it is also equipped with the rope guider. The customer will use this construction winch for pulling machine parts in the machine manufacturing plant. If you have interest in this winch, please keep reading this post.

AQ-JK high speed winch
5 Ton High Speed Winch To Iraq

electric winch with high speed
AQ-JK Electric Winch

Tension Sensor of the winch
Tension Sensor

Electrical Cabinet of the winch
Electrical Cabinet

Parameters Of AQ-JK High Speed Electric Winch

The following form can help you know the parameters of our AQ-JK construction winch.

Model AQ-Jk
Load capacity 0.5-60 ton
Wire rope capacity 20-500m
Working speed 20~35 m/min(single speed and dual speed)
Power supply 220-690V,50/60HZ,3Phase
Aicrane electric winch for sale
5 Ton High Speed Electric Winch

Package & Delivery Of 5 Ton Electric Winch To Iraq

The whole winch was packed in the export wooden box, which had the function of anti-collision. During communication, the customer was satisfied with the packing method. When it comes to the delivery, our customer service team have arranged shipment in advance, and our professional shipping department solved all the shipping issues. The electric winch will reach its destination on time.

Winch Package
Winch Package

Winch Delivery
Winch Delivery

Many FAQs About The Cooperation With The Customer In Iraq

How Did The Customer Find Aicrane?

The customer searched “5 ton winch” at Google, and he browsed our website. The winch introduction and service have caught his attention, and he sent an inquiry to us. Our project consultant contacted with the customer rapidly.

What Is The Function Of The Rope Arranger?

It can make the wire rope be neatly arranged on the drum to prevent the wire rope chaos, overlap and so on.

What Services Have Aicrane Provided For The Customer?

The services included winch solutions providing, production pictures providing, and installation guidance online, etc.

  • Our Crane Project Consultant
    Our Crane Project Consultant

What Are The Electric Construction Winches Aicrane Can Provide?

About our electric construction winch, in addition to the AQ-JK winch, Aicrane can also design and manufacture AQ-JM slow speed electric winch, AQ-JMM friction winch, AQ-JKL piling winch, and AQ-JKD planetary winch for sale. These winches can meet different customers’ using needs, and we will choose a suitable winch for our clients’ projects. Welcome to contact us!

JM 30T Winch
AQ-JM 30T Electric Winch

30T JMM Friction Winch
AQ-JMM Friction Winch

electric winch
AQ-JKL Pilling Winch

Winch Paint
AQ-JKD Planetary Winch

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