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Crane For Bridge Construction

A crane for bridge construction is a specialized heavy machinery designed to lift and maneuver heavy materials and components during the construction of bridges. Aicrane provides the combined solution of straddle carrier crane, launching gantry crane and hydraulic transporter for bridge construction.

DTL200 Straddle Carrier Crane For Bridge Construction
DTL200 Straddle Carrier Crane For Bridge Construction

Bridge Construction Crane

There are two main types of crane for bridge construction in Aicrane. The straddle carrier can be used in prefab yard or cross-line bridge construction site. The launching gantry crane can be used to build precast segmental bridges.

Straddle Carrier Crane

The straddle carrier functions as a gantry crane, streamlining operations and enhancing operational efficiency of building a concrete bridge. Playing a vital role in various operations, especially within prefab yards, the straddle carrier performs essential tasks integral to prefab construction. It seamlessly transports and precisely positions prefabricated concrete beams from pedestals to designated areas within the yard, ensuring efficient organization and arrangement.

DTL800 Straddle Carrier Crane For Prefab Yard

The DTL800 tyre straddle carrier crane, representing advanced heavy lifting equipment, showcases its capabilities through synchronized operation and impeccable performance.

DTL800 straddle carrier
DTL 800 Ton Straddle Carrier Gantry Crane

Boasting an impressive lifting capacity of 800 tons, it spans 23 meters with a vertical lifting range of 11 millimeters, achieved from ground to the apex of a box girder. The hydraulic cylinder-driven independent steering mechanism and the hydraulic-driven tyre-based travel configuration synergize to enhance mobility and efficiency. It can lift and relocate the prefab concrete beam in the prefab yard for building a concrete bridge.

DTL800 Straddle Carrier Crane
DTL 800 Ton Straddle Carrier Crane For Bridge Construction

DTL200 Straddle Carrier Crane For Bridge Construction

The straddle carrier’s applications extend to cross-line construction, particularly in the installation of prefabricated bridge segments. Primarily, the carrier adeptly lifts and positions prefabricated segments onto itself from hydraulic transporters, ensuring secure and controlled transfer.

DLT200 Cross-line Straddle Carrier
DLT200 Cross-line Straddle Carrier

Subsequently, it transports these segments to their designated installation points, optimizing precision and placement. A standout feature is its ability to align and securely connect segments once in position, ensuring seamless integration into the overarching structure.

Launching Gantry Crane

The segment launching gantry crane is a kind of bridge construction machinery. It uses the prefab concrete beam to construct the bridge. There are four models of segment launching gantry crane for sale in Aicrane.

Launching Gantry Crane Solution
Launching Gantry Crane Solution

JP50-40 Launching Gantry Crane

Specifically crafted to address the requirements of assembling and erecting segmental box girders with spans of up to 40m, the JP50-40 launching gantry crane for bridge construction adopts the whole-span construction approach. Notable for its proficiency in low-level hanging assembly and tensioning operations, this bridge building crane has an impressive rated lifting capacity of 50t. Tailored for projects demanding precision and efficiency in the assembly of shorter span segments, the JP50-40 is a reliable solution.

JP50-40 Launching Gantry Crane
JP50-40 Launching Gantry Crane

JP120-60 Launching Gantry Crane

Distinguished by its capability to handle the assembly and erection of single or double span segmental box girders with spans reaching up to 60m, the JP120-60 launching gantry crane excels in erecting bridge girders for both head and tail spans. This crane for bridge cosntruction allows for self-assembly of the block, showcasing a distinctive T-structure symmetrical cable-stayed construction. With the ability for in-place assembly and in-place tensioning, and equipped with two main cranes boasting a combined lifting capacity of 120t, the JP120-60 is a great solution for precision and stability in constructing longer span segments.

JP120-60 Launching Gantry Crane
JP120-60 Launching Gantry Crane

JP150-50 Launching Gantry Crane

Tailored to meet the challenges of assembling and erecting 50m single-span whole-span segmental box girders directly at the pier top, the JP150-50 launching gantry crane excels in erecting both head and tail spans. Offering self-assembly capability of the block, this crane for bridge construction is proficient in wet joint construction, enabling the construction of entire spans at low levels with low-position hanging assembly and tensioning. Featuring a main crane with a rated lifting capacity of 150t, the JP150-50 is a reliable choice for projects requiring precise and efficient construction of shorter span segments.

JP150-50 Launching Gantry Crane
JP150-50 Launching Gantry Crane

JP180-50 Launching Gantry Crane

Engineered to meet the demands of segmental beam erection for spans below 50m, the JP180-50 launching gantry crane incorporates tail bridge deck feeding and precision adjustment of segment block posture. Beyond assembly, it is capable of binding reserved reinforcement between segment blocks, installing templates, pouring wet joint concrete, and conducting whole-hole tensioning to complete the entire span construction. Operating with low-position hanging and tensioning, and featuring one main crane with a rated lifting capacity of 180t, the JP180-50 stands as a reliable solution for meticulous construction below 50m span segments.

JP180-50 Launching Gantry Crane
JP180-50 Launching Gantry Crane

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

Rubber tyred gantry crane is a kind of mobile gantry crane, playing a pivotal role in various engineering projects, particularly in the field of bridge construction. These rubber tyred gantry cranes are specifically designed to lift and transfer concrete beams, facilitate the assembly or maintenance of heavy loads, and accurately position pipelines.

rubber tyred lifting concrete beam
rubber tyred lifting concrete beam
100 Ton Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane
100 Ton Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

Aicrane provides single girder and double girder rubber tyred gantry crane. The double girder crane is ingeniously configured with two main beams and four robust support legs. The utilization of a double girder design provides enhanced balance, especially when tasked with lifting long and substantial loads. Furthermore, the crane’s adaptability is showcased by its ability to be equipped with two balance beams, a feature that proves invaluable when handling large and extended loads during bridge construction projects.

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane For Sale
Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane In Construction Site

In the dynamic landscape of bridge construction, the rubber tyred gantry crane stands out as the ideal equipment, offering mobility, precision, and the capacity to handle the demanding requirements of lifting, transferring, and positioning various components essential to the construction process.

Heavy Duty Gantry Crane

There are other kinds of heavy duty gantry crane that can be used for bridge construction. For example, the AQ-MG gantry crane can lift up to 500 ton. There are also other models of heavy duty gantry crane for sale. This double girder gantry crane is commonly used outdoors to lift containers or other heavy items like bridge components. It has a large space between two legs, this is very convenient for loading unloading materials.

Aicrane Gantry Crane In Argentina_
Heavy Duty Gantry Crane In Argentina

We can design it into double beam rail mounted gantry crane or double beam gantry crane to suit your needs.

AQ-NMH Outdoor Gantry Crane
AQ-NMH Outdoor Gantry Crane
AQ-NMH 20 Ton
AQ-NMH 20 Ton

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Bridge Construction Solution

Different lifting machines can be combined as bridge construction solution for various scenarios. Aicrane provides two solutions with various bridge construction machinery for precast bridge construction.

Solution For Prefab Yard

For precast bridge construction, the prefab concrete beam need to be transferred from the prefab yard to the construction site. The solution for prefab yard requires several bridge construction machinery.

Tyre Straddle Carrier Solution for Prefab Yard

The tyre straddle carrier deployed in the prefab yard serves as an integral solution for the efficient handling of prefabricated beams. Its primary function involves facilitating the loading of these prefabricated beams onto hydraulic transporters, optimizing the logistics for seamless delivery to construction sites.

straddle carrier lifting concrete beam
Straddle Carrier Lifting Concrete Beam

This rubber tyred gantry crane within the prefab yard is designed to handle and position prefabricated concrete beams and other materials with precision. Functioning as a pivotal element in the streamlined prefab manufacturing process, it excels in relocating beams, loading them onto hydraulic transporters, and executing lifting tasks within the yard.
DTL300 tyre straddle carrier
DTL300 tyre straddle carrier In Prefab Yard

The original rubber tyred gantry crane and other heavy duty gantry crane can also be used in the prefab yard to position and transfer the concrete beams.

rubber tyred gantry crane for precast concrete beam lifting
rubber tyred gantry crane for precast concrete beam lifting

Hydraulic Transporter for Prefab Yard

The hydraulic transporter is a versatile hydraulic transport solution engineered for the movement of oversized and heavy structures. This transportation solution is adept at handling massive loads ranging from 50 to 1000 tons. Characterized by its hydraulic power systems, the hydraulic transporter plays a crucial role in scenarios where the transportation of substantial loads is a common requirement. In the prefab yards, it can handling the prefabricated concrete beams that the straddle carrier positions onto it. Then transfer it to the bridge construction site.

Solution For Bridge Construction Site

For bridge construction site, the hydraulic transporter can cooperate with cross-line straddle carrier crane or launching gantry crane for different applications.

Hydraulic Transporter for Bridge Construction Site

The hydraulic transporter can transport the prefab concrete beam from the prefab yard to the bridge construction site.

Hydraulic Transporter & Cross-line Straddle Carrier Crane Solution
Hydraulic Transporter & Cross-line Straddle Carrier Crane Solution

Cross-line Straddle Carrier Crane For Bridge Construction

The cross-line straddle carrier crane can be used for lower bridges. Firstly, the carrier is utilized to adeptly lift and position prefabricated segments onto the carrier itself from hydraulic transporters. Subsequently, it transports these segments to their designated installation points. One of its features is the capability to align and securely connect the segments once in position, ensuring seamless integration into the overarching structure.

Launching Gantry Crane For Bridge Construction

The launching gantry crane plays an important role in the assembly of beam segments of bridges. Its primary function involves lifting beam segments from the hydraulic transporter and transporting them to the erection position with precision, where they are placed onto precast bridge piers.

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Advantages of Bridge Construction Solution

Here are several advantages of Aicrane’s bridge construction solution, combining straddle carrier crane, hydraulic transporter, and launching gantry crane:

Customization for Seamless Integration

Aicrane’s bridge construction solution offers the advantage of seamless integration through customization. Each component, including the straddle carrier crane, hydraulic transporter, and launching gantry crane, can be tailored to suit specific project requirements. This ensures optimal compatibility in terms of load capacity, prefab concrete beam sizes, and other essential parameters.

Launching Gantry Crane and Customized Hydraulic Transporter
Launching Gantry Crane and Customized Hydraulic Transporter
Lifting Concrete Beam From the Hydraulic Transporter
Lifting Concrete Beam From the Hydraulic Transporter

Flexible Load Capacity

The bridge construction solution allows for flexibility in load capacity. Whether the project involves handling lighter prefabricated components or heavier segments, Aicrane’s customizable solution ensures that each crane for bridge construction and transporter is designed to efficiently manage the specified load capacity, contributing to the versatility of the construction process.

Adaptable to Various Beam Sizes

The adaptability of Aicrane’s solution extends to accommodating various prefab concrete beam sizes. Whether dealing with shorter or longer spans, the customization options allow for adjustments to fit the specific dimensions of the prefabricated components. This adaptability enhances the solution’s suitability for a wide range of bridge construction projects.

DTL200 cross-line straddle carrier design
DTL200 cross-line straddle carrier design

Enhanced Mobility and Efficiency

The integration of hydraulic transporters and straddle carrier cranes contributes to enhanced mobility and efficiency. The hydraulic-driven configurations of these components ensure swift and precise movements, facilitating the timely transportation and positioning of prefab concrete beams. This efficiency is particularly beneficial in projects with tight schedules.

Hydraulic Transporter For Bridge Construction
Hydraulic Transporter For Bridge Construction

In summary, Aicrane’s bridge construction solution stands out for its customization capabilities, flexibility in load capacity, efficient handling of prefab concrete beams, adaptability to various beam sizes, enhanced mobility and efficiency. This approach ensures that each project benefits from a tailored solution that meets specific construction requirements.

Why Should You Choose Aicrane

At Aicrane, we understand that selecting the right partner for your bridge construction needs is a crucial decision. Our commitment to excellence, backed by a robust set of capabilities, sets us apart in the industry. Here’s why you should choose Aicrane for your bridge construction requirements:

Manufacturing in Our Own Facilities

At the heart of Aicrane’s success is our commitment to quality and innovation. We take pride in our manufacturing facilities that are fully equipped with cutting-edge technology and machinery. Our in-house production capabilities allow us to maintain strict quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process. From precision engineering to meticulous assembly, our facilities ensure that every component of your bridge construction equipment meets the highest industry standards.

Whole Factory
Aicrane’s Factory
Aicrane Factory
Aicrane Factory

Comprehensive One-Stop Service

Choosing Aicrane means gaining access to a comprehensive one-stop service for all your bridge construction needs. From the initial design concept to the final installation and ongoing maintenance, we offer a seamless and integrated solution. Our team of experienced professionals, including engineers, project managers, and skilled technicians, collaborates to deliver a great experience. This holistic approach not only saves you time and resources but also ensures a smooth and efficient project lifecycle.

service engineers

Proven Project Experience

Aicrane boasts an impressive portfolio of successfully completed bridge construction projects. Our extensive project experience spans various industries, showcasing our versatility and adaptability. Whether it’s a small-scale pedestrian bridge or a large-scale infrastructure project, we have the expertise to tailor our solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our track record shows our ability to deliver on time, within budget, and with the highest standards of quality.

MGH 32T 30M
MGH 32T 30M Project

Customized Solutions for Every Challenge

No two bridge construction projects are identical, and Aicrane understands the importance of tailored solutions. Our team collaborates closely with clients to understand the unique challenges of each project. Using this insight, we customize our bridge construction solutions to optimize efficiency and performance. This client-centric approach ensures that you receive equipment and services specifically designed to address the demands of your project, enhancing overall effectiveness.

Aicrane Professional Engineers
Aicrane Professional Engineers

Commitment to Safety and Compliance

Safety is paramount in bridge construction, and at Aicrane, it is a core aspect of our operations. We adhere to stringent safety standards and regulatory requirements, prioritizing the well-being of our workers and the success of your project. Our commitment to safety extends to the design and manufacturing of our equipment, incorporating features that enhance operator safety and minimize the risk of accidents on the construction site.

In conclusion, choosing Aicrane for your bridge construction needs means partnering with a company that combines advanced manufacturing capabilities, one-stop service, proven project experience, customized solutions, and an unwavering commitment to safety. We invite you to experience the difference of working with a dedicated and capable team that is driven by a passion for excellence in bridge construction.

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