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45 Ton Reach Stacker

45 ton reach stacker is a great machine for Lifting and transferring containers between 20ft and 40ft in length. The rated capacity of the equipment is 45 ton. This kind of reach stacker is with various advantages, such as flexibility, easy operation, stable driving and high stacking capacity, which can effectively improve your working efficiency and facilitate container loading and unloading. It can also apply to transport other materials by using a specific spreader. Welcome to contact us if you have interest in it.

45 Ton Reach Stacker for sale
45 Ton Reach Stacker

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Various Features Of 45 Ton Reach Stacker

Safe And Reliable

Reach Stacker 45 Ton for sale
Reach Stacker 45 Ton


  • Finite element and dynamic simulation technology: Statistic the working conditions of a large number of customers and collect all kinds of faults.
  • By means of finite element analysis and dynamic simulation, the fatigue allowable value database of each material is established.
  • Based on accurate data support, the design ensures the reasonable structure and excellent performance of the boom and frame system.

  • Other technology: Water-proof, fire protection(Equipped with automatic fire extinguishing device and circuit safety protection system. Gas extinguishing medium), short circuit production.

Safety and protection technology: Detecting of oil pressure, boom length, angle and tipping detection signal, so as to achieve torque protection. When the overturning moment reach a certain value or the tipping moment is detected, the controller only allows the boom to retract to achieve intelligent anti-tipping safety protection.

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Intelligent And Protective

Reach Stacker For Sale for sale
Reach Stacker For Sale


  • Boom vertical lifting and automatic return technology: The vertical lifting function of the boom ensures that the container can be effectively prevented from chafing when the reach stacker works across containers.
  • Accurate weighting system: Optional precise weighing system. The weight of the goods can be accurately displayed by the weighing sensor arranged under the spreader turntable. The weighing accuracy is 0.1%.

  • Automatic fault detection and real-time data display: It can detect all kinds of fault state in real time and give accurate alarm. The high speed color display can dynamically display running parameters of the machine.
  • So that the operator can understand the working condition of the reach stacker in real time. The interface is rich in content and clear at a glance.

Spreader rotation anti-collision technology: Through the sensor device on the boom and spreader, the spreader position is automatically analyzed to judge whether it is in the state of lifting containers. The control system intelligently sets the spreader rotation range according to the  lifting angle and extension length of boom and other parameters. Avoid collision with frame or boom when spreader rotates.

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Comfortable And Easy To Operate

45T Container Handler
45T Container Handler


  • CAN BUS: Using the international advanced bus communication technology-CAN BUS. Singnals are transmitted by means of data.
  • It has the advantages of long transmission distance, fast response, strong anti-interference ability, stable network system and strong expansion function.

  • Electric proportional fretting control technology: Centralized handle with excellent fretting performance, easy to achieve millimeter-level precision control.
  • The spreader’s actions are controlled by proportion, and the response speed is fast, giving you man-machine integrated control experience. The machine has multi-action linkage design, fast operation speed and high efficiency.

Ergonomics: Through the simulate of a person in the cab condition to make the seat, control panel, instrument, pedal more coordinated and make the driving operation more comfortable. The cab is made of glass around and at the top for a wider view. Imported suspension seat can effectively improve the comfort of driving.

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Applications Of 45 Ton Reach Stacker

The equipment is a popular container reach stacker which can be operated across over containers. Compared with empty container handler, it has a variety of advantages and more applications. The empty container handler cannot make cross containers operations. Based on the reliable structure system, reach stacker 45 ton can be applicable to many conditions to lift and transfer kinds of loads.

45 ton reach stacker can not only transfer container, but also lift other materials like log, tank, etc. What’ more, you can find the product in container yard of wharf, including horizontal transportation of containers between the yard and the loading and unloading machinery. Besides, 45 ton container reach stacker is able to be used at the container distribution point of railway.

Reach Stacker Lifting Tank
Reach Stacker Lifting Tank

Reach Stacker Lifting Log
Reach Stacker Lifting Log

Container Reach Stacker
Operating In Port

Container Reach Stacker
Container Handler In Railway

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45 Ton Reach Stacker Delivery

Delivering the reach stacker needs two 40ft HQ containers and a Flat rack container. Before shipment, the products and components are all checked carefully. The work makes sure that the machine has no problem when you receive it. 45 ton reach container belongs to a large equipment, which may have higher transportation cost than other small machines.

Reach Stacker Delivery

Reach Stacker Delivery
Reach Stacker Delivery

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45 Ton Reach Stacker Price

45t reach stacker has higher price than other container handlers with relatively smaller rated capacity. Generally, the weight of the reach stacker 45 ton is more than 60 ton, which falls into a heavy machinery. If you have interest in it, please contact us, and we will provide you with reasonable price.

Under the condition that rated capacity is 45 ton, there are different types of reach stacker to select, and they have diverse prices. The machine with different parameters have different prices, and when using a customized spreader or other parts, the total price can also change.

About transportation cost, sometimes, the ocean fright is indeed high, but the situation is usually temporary. Some of our customers choose to purchase on FOB basis, because they want to use the production time to wait for the decrease of ocean fright. When the production is completed, we will the proper route to transport the machine. There are many transportation ways like LCL, bulk cargo, etc, which can save your costs and time.

Reach Stacker For Sale In Different Countries

Reach Stacker Indonesia

As a powerful and reliable company, we have set up service center in Indonesia to provide make everything easier for the customers. You will enjoy the excellent and fast after-sales service if you purchase a 45t ton reach stacker from us. For example, we can provide you with wearing parts immediately, so as to ensure that when the equipment has problems, it can be solved in the first time without affecting your use.

What’s more, we have a lot of regular customers in your country who are using our machines. They all think highly of our high-quality and great service. Our aim is making customers satisfied and having a long term cooperation with you. Looking forward to work with you.

Container Handler
Container Handler

45T Reach Stacker
45T Reach Stacker

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Different Spreaders For Your Choice

45 Ton Container Spreader
The spreader works with 45 ton reach stacker to stack, load or unload ISO standard 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft containers. The specific container spreader is with reasonable structure, light weight  design, strong safety protection function, long service life and cost effective. It also has more energy saving and lower fuel consumption. The rated capacity of the container spreader is 45 ton.

Log Spreader
Sometimes, 45t container stacker can use a particular spreader to transfer other materials. The log spreader is mainly used for transferring, loading and unloading log or other materials. It belongs to a special spreader, which can solved the difficulty of transporting and loading specific items like log. Using this product can bring high profit for our customers.

Tilt Spreader
Tilt spreader is applicable to transport and unload container bulk materials. This kind of spreader can highly improve the efficiency and environment-production performance. It realizes the function of transferring bulk materials.

Customized Spreader
Our company can provide customized spreader to cater for a variety of working conditions and all materials transportation, loading and unloading. You can choose the electromagnetic spreader, heavy spreader and empty container spreader.

45 Ton Container Spreader
45 Ton Container Spreader

Tilt Spreader
Tilt Spreader

Log Spreader
Log Spreader

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Why Do You Choose Our Company?

High-Quality Products

High-quality Reach Stacker
High-quality Reach Stacker


  • The machine from our group has high quality and good performance. 
  • It is with less maintenance and long term service.
  • Before shipment, the products commonly are checked carefully to guarantee the quality.
  • The components of the reach stacker also have adequate quality. 
  • Please contact us if you are interested in the container reach stacker. 

Our Great Service

With the development of many years, our company already has professional service team. They can provide excellent pre-sale service and after-sales service. If you purchase a reach stacker from us, you not only get the high-quality product, but also enjoy our satisfactory service.

About pre-sale service, we have patient salesman to communicate with you. When we receive your free quotation, our staffs will give you a rapid response. What’s more, you can consult them any problems, and they will be glad to help you choose an ideal product. Our engineers can also design the most suitable plan for you to improve your efficiency.

About after-sales service, our group can provide free installation and operation guidance. The products from us all have one year warranty. In addition, we have built five overseas branches to solve kinds of problems from our customers in time to make them satisfied.


What Is Reach Stacker?

A reach stacker is a great machine which is designed for transferring containers in ports and railways or moving other goods at different working conditions. The specific equipment can transport a container quickly at short distances. The machine is very popular in the market because of its flexibility and high stacking capacity.

The product designed by our company has good performance and high quality, and it is with different applications to meet your requirements. We are glad to provide a good machine for you, and cooperate with you for a long term.

How To Install A 45T Reach Stacker?
Generally, we can provide you with 3D installation video, English instruction and 24 hours online installation guidance. In addition, you can also find local equipment installer , the cost is lower than that we send engineers to your country.
Inspection And Maintenance Of Reach Stacker 45 Ton

This container handler has quick inspection and maintenance. The equipment is convenient to maintain because of reasonable pipeline and circuit layout, which can effectively reduce cross interference. Engine, transmission inspection and refueling port are concentrated in one area. There are large inspection space for operators to maintain the machine conveniently.

It is equipped with resettable fuse and independent fault detection interface to facilitate fault detection and maintenance. This product is with high engine intake which can largely avoids the dust area and extends the replacement cycle of air filter element that is more economical to use.

What Are Functional Configurations Of Reach Stacker?


  • Loudspeaker amplifiers
  • Automatic fire detection
  • 12V power and 24V power
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • Holographic imaging system
  • Face recognition system
  • Intelligent brake system
  • Cab reading lamp, Reversing radar


  • Twist lock counter
  • Engine hour meter
  • Spreader tri-color indication light in cab
  • Accurate weighting system
  • Unbalance loading detection system
  • Container number identification system
  • Container reach stacker printing system
  • Coolant heating device

What Parameters Of Reach Stacker We can Provide?
  • The max lifting height and inclination angle of boom
  • Max lifting speed, max lowering speed and max travelling speed
  • Gradeability
  • Overall weight, overall length and overall width
  • Wheel base, front track and rear track
  • No. Of stack

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