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Boat Gantry Crane

Boat gantry crane is the professional boat lifting equipment. It is widely used in water sports, yacht clubs, navigation, shipping, learning, etc., ships or yachts of different tonnage with 25 ton or more, which can be transported from the shore wharf for shore maintenance, repair or launching of new ships. If you need to order the crane, we can offer the customized crane for customers.

boat gantry crane
Boat Gantry Crane for Sale

Boat Gantry Crane Parameters

Lifting capacity 10-1200t
Span length 6.5m-25m
Lifting speed 0-3m/min
Travelling speed 0-40m/min
Operation mode cabin/remote control
Working class A6-A8

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The structure design of boat gantry crane

The crane is mainly composed of main structure, walking wheel group, lifting mechanism, steering mechanism, hydraulic transmission system and electrical control system. The main body structure is type N, which can transfer ships or yachts above crane height. according to the different requirements of the customer.

300 Ton Travel Lift
Boat Gantry Crane Structure

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The applications of boat gantry crane

The ship loading and unloading crane can load and unload ships or yachts of different tonnage from the shore, which can be used for shore maintenance or to put new ships into the water. The crane has a soft and sturdy belt used to lift boats and yachts so they never damage the surface. This crane can also quickly place the ship in sequence, with a small gap between each ship.

Travel Lift Apllication
Travel Lift Apllication

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Various advantages of boat gantry crane for sale

  1. For the movement of the crane, the crane can move diagonally. The ship and the yacht crane can also steer 90 degrees and place the ship in any designated position as required.
  2. The width of the main girder can be adjusted according to the ship type to prevent loading and unloading of different side vessels.
  3. The crane has the characteristics of low cost, high performance and convenient operation and maintenance.
  4. The daily operation cost is low, and the soft and strong belt is used to ensure that the lifting will not cause harm to the ship.
  5. The ship crane can make the ship in order quickly, and can adjust the gap between the ships according to different situation.

Applications of boat gantry crane for sale

It can apply to lift and lift and horizontal handling in boat and water operation. The machine adopts the own diesel generator to provide power. The whole machine is with hydraulic drive. The lifting point can be adjusted. It has multi-hanging point synchronous lifting. The tire-type operation mechanism is convenient, with oblique. The Ackermann steering and in situ rotary function. The main and end beam are with dumpling connection situation to eliminate local stress caused by bad road conditions.

How to operation the boat gantry crane?

The crane adopts the  full hydraulic driving mode, with diesel generator to provide power, good fluidity.

In addition, it adopts the main end beam hinge to eliminate the stress caused by uneven pavement during walking. The hoisting mechanism adopts the load sensitive hydraulic system.

The lifting point distance can be adjusted, while keeping the multi-lifting point synchronously lifting. The power is output according to the load condition, so that the energy consumption of the whole machine can be reduced.

Professional crane supplier for sale

Our group pays attention to the  technologies such as repair and maintenance. It is not only to provide the most professional and reliable after-sales service for domestic yacht owners, but also provides support for the world’s major brands of yachts from all over the world.

We have professional knowledge and experience. As we know, it is the large investment model. In order to meet the customers’ needs, Aicrane can help the customers learn more information with free. Please inquiry us as soon as possible.

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