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AQ-LB 10 Ton Overhead Crane Has Been Installed In Uzbekistan

Our customer has completed the installation of a 10 ton AQ-LB single girder overhead crane in Uzbekistan. This machine belongs to explosion proof overhead crane. It is equipped with an explosion proof hoist to lift materials in workshop. If you want to know more details about this crane, please keep on reading this post.

10T AQ-LB Overhead Crane In Uzbekistan
10T AQ-LB Overhead Crane In Uzbekistan

Installation Of AQ-LB Single Girder Overhead Crane

The installation process is easy and smooth. Our company can provide free installation guidance online. Uzbekistan is our main market, and we have built service center in Uzbekistan. Therefore, our engineers in Uzbekistan can come to customers’ site to help customers install the crane.

Explosion Proof Overhead Crane
Explosion Proof Overhead Crane

Explosion Proof Hoist
Explosion Proof Hoist


Some Features Of This 10T Explosion Proof Bridge Crane

  • The lifting capacity is 10 ton, and 10 ton overhead crane is our hot-sale machine. 
  • This kind of crane works with an explosion proof hoist.
  • It has high protection level, which has safe operation.
  • Explosion proof overhead crane is widely used in inflammable and explosive places.
  • Customers can choose the machine in accordance with their actual working conditions. 
Explosion Proof Overhead Crane
Explosion Proof Overhead Crane

What Did Our Customer Say?

After installing and debugging the single girder bridge crane, this customer said that the crane is great and it could lift loads smoothly. In addition, he also expressed that he would like to cooperate with us again in the future. We always have long-term cooperation with various clients from Uzbekistan.

Why Uzbekistan Customers Choose Aicrane?

In this case, the customer from Uzbekistan is our old client. He has purchased many overhead cranes from Aicrane in recent years. Because of High-quality products and excellent service, the customer thinks highly of Aicrane group. Aicrane machine has won the recognition of cutomers. If you come from Uzbekistan, welcome to contact us and get a free quotation.

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