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Aicrane Taylored 20 Ton Overhead Crane For Costa Rica

Aicrane provided a specialized 20-ton overhead crane to a manufacturing company in Costa Rica which sought a tailored solution for their workshop. This crane was integral for efficiently handling and transporting heavy loads within the workshop. If you want to learn more about this case, please go on reading.

HD20T main beam
HD20T main beam

Customization Solution Design

Aicrane’s project consultant and engineers collaborated closely with the company to discern their specific requisites. Following meticulous evaluation, our crane engineers proposed an AQ-HD single girder overhead crane with the lifting capacity of 20 tons and a maximum lifting height of 6 meters. Engineered to span the entire workshop length, it featured a European standard wire rope electric hoist for seamless horizontal load movement, complemented by a three-in-one variable frequency motor to ensure smooth crane operation.

Safety was paramount for Aicrane and our customers, and the crane was outfitted with a suite of protective measures which encompass an overload protection system, emergency stop buttons, and more, assuring secure lifting operations.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing of the 20 ton overhead crane was executed by Aicrane’s adept production team, employing top-notch materials for superior durability. The primary girder was crafted from Q235B high-quality carbon structural steel, adhering to the European FEM standard for box girder structural design. Precision welding was ensured through the use of a dual-gun gantry welding machine, guaranteeing minimal welding deformations and optimal girder alignment.

ND20T European standard hoist
ND20T European standard hoist
steel structure column and rail beam
steel structure column and rail beam

Employing a large floor boring machine, the end beam underwent a comprehensive single-pass machining process, safeguarding dimensional accuracy and fit tolerance. The wire rope electric hoist adhered to FEM design standards, incorporating frequency conversion speed regulation to mitigate impact and enable precise positioning.

Delivery and Installation

The logistics were meticulously managed by Aicrane’s shipping and documentation team, responsible for container booking and verification of customs clearance documents. This ensured timely delivery to the customer’s designated port.

HD20T shipment
HD20T shipment

A skilled team of engineers and technicians engaged by the client undertook the crane’s installation and commissioning, with Aicrane’s installation engineers providing real-time guidance online to ascertain compliance with requisite safety and performance benchmarks.

Operation of the Overhead Crane

After the meticulous installation under guidance of Aicrane’s expert team, the specialized 20-ton overhead crane stood tall in the workshop of the Costa Rican manufacturing company. With precision and grace, it effortlessly hoisted heavy loads, seamlessly integrating into the daily operations of the workshop. The smooth and reliable performance of the crane elicited satisfaction from the company’s staff.

In summary, the 20-ton overhead crane project for the workshop in Costa Rican stands as an example of proficiency of Aicrane in tailoring solutions to meet unique operational demands, all while upholding rigorous quality and safety standards throughout the process.

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