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Aicrane Has Exported A 25T Single Girder Gantry Crane To Uzbekistan

The 25 ton AQ-MH single girder gantry crane has been installed successfully in Uzbekistan. The span of this crane is 14m, and the lifting height is 9m. It will be used for lifting and moving many steel products outdoors. Under the kindly guidance of Aicrane engineers, the installation process was smooth.

single girder gantry crane in Uzbekistan
25 Ton AQ-MH Gantry Crane

gantry crane for sale
Gantry Crane In Uzbekistan

What Are The Features & Advantages Of The AQ-MH Gantry Crane

  • Safe Operation: The crane is with short circuit protection, voltage loss protection, emergency stop protection, overload limiter, zero and interlock protection, phase break, misphase, overvoltage protection and ground protection, which can guarantee safe and reliable operation.
  • Convenient Installation: The whole crane adopted the aviation plug connection, which would make the installation more convenient and save the installation cost.
  • Advanced Welding Machine: The main welds of the main beam are welded by double gun gantry welding machine, which can effectively improve the welding efficiency.
  • Great Appearance: We adopt automatic loading and unloading cold bending forming machine to make the U-shaped groove of the ground beam. Besides, after welding, the ground beam is processed by CNC milling and boring machine.
25 Ton AQ-MH Gantry Crane

Why Did The Customer Choose Aicrane?

This customer has purchased some overhead cranes from Aicrane, and he thinks highly of Aicrane products and service. Therefore, when the customer needed a gantry crane, he also chose Aicrane. During this cooperation, our project consultant and technicians have provided the most suitable solution for the customer. Besides, we have built service center in Uzbekistan, and our installation team have provided installation guidance on site.

Various AQ-MH Gantry Cranes To Uzbekistan

Aicrane has exported various AQ-MH single girder gantry cranes to Uzbekistan. The following cases are about AQ-MH European gantry crane, AQ-MH 10 ton gantry crane with truss, 10 ton AQ-MH gantry crane for lifting concrete products. Welcome to contact Aicrane if you are interested in these cases.

16 Ton Single Girder Gantry Crane

16 Ton Single Girder European Gantry Crane Was Installed In Uzbekistan

The customer has completed the installation of a 16 ton AQ-MH single girder European gantry crane successfully. This crane is used for liftng and moving heavy materials outdoor. It is equipped with a European hoist, which has the advantages of ...
gantry crane for sale

MH 10T Gantry Crane In Uzbekistan

Recently, a MH 10T truss gantry crane from our company has been delivered to Uzbekistan. Truss gantry crane belongs to our specific cranes. Our customers can choose the customized product according to their requirements of the business. As a trustworthy ...
10 ton gantry crane Uzbekistan

10 Ton Single Girder Gantry Crane To Uzbekistan

10 ton gantry crane can be divided in to single girder structure and double girder model. The clients can choose to customize the gantry crane for your demands. We have the friendly relationship with Uzbekistan for several years. Besides 10 ...

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