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Aicrane Delviered Two 10 Ton Battery Transfer Carts To The US

Good news! We have shipped two 10 ton battery transfer carts to the US. They will be used for transferring  granite slabs in the plant. The 10 ton battery transfer carts are operated by remote control according to the customer’s requirements. Please continue to read this post to learn about the machine.

10 Ton Battery Transfer Carts For Sale
10 Ton Battery Transfer Carts To The US

Production Of 10 Ton Transfer Carts

The customer company is powerful, and the quality of the machine is the main concern. Aicrane adopts advanced technology and equipment to manufacture the transfer carts, and our products all have passed the inspection before shipment.

During production process, our sales manager regularly sent the production pictures to the customer, which helped the customer know the production progress.
10 Ton Battery Transfer Carts
Production Of 10 Ton Battery Transfer Carts

Transfer Cart Production
Production Process

Battery Transfer Cart Production

Package Of Two 10 Ton Transfer Carts To The US

The 10 ton battery transfer cart was packed in export wooden box, which has a function of anti-collision.

transfer cart packing
10 Ton Transfer Cart Package

Specific Features Of Aicrane Battery Transfer Carts

  • The U-shaped frame design is suitable for the loads which are easily scattered.
  • This transfer cart is suitable for long distance transportation. The running distance of this machine is not limited, and the requirements for track-laying are not high.
  • The DC motor of transfer cart has many advantages like stable starting, large starting torque, small impact on the reducer, low voltage and long service life, etc. What’s more, the battery transfer cart is with safety and maneuverability.
  • The engineers should regularly maintain the batteries, and the use time of batteries is limited.

Aicrane Battery Transfer Cart To The US
Transfer Cart To The US

10 Ton Transfer Cart For Sale
10 Ton Transfer Cart

Contact Us To Get An ideal Battery Transfer Cart!

If you are interested in this 10 ton battery transfer cart, welcome to contact us. We can provide customized and suitable solutions in accordance with your needs. Aicrane has professional design team and engineers, which will help you choose an ideal machine.

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