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Aicrane 5 Ton Electric Winches For Steel Mill In Lebanon

Aicrane exported two AQ-JM electric winches to Lebanon, and they have been put into use. The two winches are used for container loading in steel mill. AQ-JM electric winch is powered by electric motor and this kind of winch works with slow speed. The following pictures are provided by our customer, which show the details of two electric winches.

Aicrane 5 Ton Winch In Lebanon
5 Ton Winch In Lebanon

Electric Winches For Sale
Electric Winches In Steel Mill

AQ-JM Winch
Winch Operation In Steel Mill

Specific Features Of 5 Ton Electric Winch In Lebanon

  • 1. The winch belongs to a construction winch, and the rated load of the electric winch is 5 ton.
  • 2. It can run with slow speed. If you need a variable speed winch, the machine can be equipped with a frequency converter.
  • 3. Electric winch is with easy installation, safe operation, less maintenance, and relatively low cost compared with hydraulic winch.

What Did The Customer Say About The Slow Speed Winch?

Generally, Aicrane pays attention to the after-sales service. In addition to installation and debugging guidance, we also focus on the subsequent operation of the machine. The customer told our sales manager that both of these two 5 ton electric winches were good and powerful when operating. Besides, the customer was satisfied with the cooperation with Aicrane.

Great Feedback From Aicrane Customer
Great Feedback

How Did The Customer Find Aicrane?

This customer browsed our website at Google, and he was interested in Aicrane 5 ton electric winch. In addition, he said that he noticed Aicrane had exported so many winches to different countries, and he thought Aicrane had rich export experience. After that, he sent an inquiry to Aicrane.

Contact Aicrane And Get An Ideal Winch?

In this case, our engineers has provided suitable winch solution for the customer. If you want to invest in a winch, please put in touch with Aicrane. You can find a variety of winches for different working conditions, and we can design the winch according to your needs. Looking forward to working with you.

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