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5T European Gantry Crane Installed And Tested In Uganda

Recently, we have exported two 5 ton single girder European standard gantry cranes to Uganda. These two cranes have completed the installation and testing in Uganda. They will be applied for aircraft maintenance in the hangar. For the parameters, the span of the crane is 25m, and the lifting height is 10m. Through the following video, you can see the installation and testing details of the crane.

What Are The Features Of The European Standard Gantry Crane?

  • This European standard 5 ton gantry crane is with relatively higher price than normal standard crane. During cooperation, the customer told us that he had enough budget and he needed a crane with higher performance, so our project consultant advised him to choose the European type crane.
  • The crane with European standard design is equipped with three in one variable frequency motor, which can ensure the crane can run smoothly.
  • Aicrane European standard design crane has free maintenance, and many key components like geared motor has long service life.
  • In addition, the work duty of this crane is A5, and it is suitable for fine operations. If you choose a European type gantry crane, you will enjoy the beautiful appearance, light dead weight, small wheel pressure, and low energy consumption of the crane, etc.

5 Ton Gantry Crane In Uganda

5 Ton European Standard Gantry Crane

Welcome To Contact Us For A Great European Standard Crane!

In addition to the single girder European standard gantry crane, Aicrane also have European standard double girder gantry crane. If you have interest in this kind of crane, welcome to contact us. Our project consultants and technicians will help you choose the most suitable machine, and you will enjoy our one-stop service.

Many European Standard Gantry Cranes For Other Customers

The following cases are many European overhead cranes for other customers all over the world.

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Installation, Test Run Of 5T Double Girder European Gantry Crane In The US

Warmly celebrate the successful installation and test run of an Aicrane 5 ton double girder European standard gantry crane in Guam, USA. The customer is in the business of prefabricated concrete parts, and the gantry crane is used to lift ...
single girder gantry crane in Uzbekistan

Aicrane Has Exported A 25T Single Girder Gantry Crane To Uzbekistan

The 25 ton AQ-MH single girder gantry crane has been installed successfully in Uzbekistan. The span of this crane is 14m, and the lifting height is 9m. It will be used for lifting and moving many steel products outdoors. Under ...
End Beams

A 5T European Gantry Crane Was Delivered To Australia

Good news! Aicrane exported a 5 ton AQ-MH European standard single girder gantry crane to Australia. The customer plans to install the crane in the pipe section processing plant to lift the produced pipe section to the flatbed truck, and ...

Container Handling Solution for Kazakhstan

Aicrane Solution for Containers Handling Basic Information of the Project Location: Atyrau, Kazakhstan Products: AQ-MGH double girder container crane Application: Used for containers handling Delivery time: 75 working days Installation time: May, 2023 Installation method: On-site installation guidance Video of ...

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