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50 Ton Winch

50 ton winch is quite heavy-duty material handling equipment. It has a large size and high weight. And it has strong capacity and high performance. 50 ton winch is extensively used for items lifting or pulling in various places like the construction site, warehouse, workshop, port, dock, wharf, railway or bridge-building project, etc. We can design and produce winch as a single or double drum, low speed or high speed. Electric or hydraulic power. Contact us and we can provide efficient and reliable winch to actually meet your requirements.

winch for sale
50 Ton Winch For Sale

winch for sale
50T Winch

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What Are The Features Of 50 Ton Winch?


  • Good performance, low noise
  • High efficiency, less maintenance
  • Simple structure, easy to install, operate and maintain
  • High configurations, various types, configurations and tons of winch 

  • Smooth starting and ending
  • Manual operation and remote control optional
  • Durable material, advanced technology, long service life
  • The international brand, responsible company, attractive winch price

Various types of 50 ton winch for sale

As one of the leading winch suppliers in China, there are several types of 50 ton winch for sale. As for power mode, we provide electric winch, hydraulic winch, and diesel winch. And the electric winch is our main and popular product. In terms of capacity, there are light-duty winch and heavy-duty winch, from 1t to 300t.

Besides, we design and manufacture different types of winch for different working environments like construction winch, mine winch, marine winch, etc. Each winch has his own special applications. Choosing the right type winch from us to greatly benefit your business.

Slow Speed Winch & High Speed Winch

Slow Speed Winch

electric winch for sale
Slow Speed Electric Winch


Commonly, slow speed winches are suitable for pulling heavy loads. The winch with slow speed is used for lifting and pulling operation in construction conditions, mines, warehouses, factories and installation sites. Besides, this kind of winch can be applied on boats for anchoring, mooring and towing operation.

    Slow-speed electric winch parameters 

  • Loading capacity: 0.5~50 t
  • Rope capacity: 20~3600 m
  • Working speed: 5~20 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

High Speed Winch

high speed electric winch
High Speed Electric Winch


Winches with high speed deliver high speed operations in various lifting and pulling processes The winch is widely used in construction, mines, ports and dock, and it can also work with a crane as the lifting mechanism.

These winches from our company are with high quality and performance, the winches will be checked carefully before shipped to your country, and the electrical equipment will be debugged in advance. Therefore, you can have faith in our products with no doubt.

    High-speed electric winch parameters

  • Loading capacity: 0.5~50 t
  • Rope capacity: 20~500 m
  • Working speed: 20~35 m/min;(single speed and dual speed)
  • Power supply: 220-690V, 50/60HZ, 3Phase

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Single Drum & Double Drum Winch

The winches for sale have single drum, double drum and multiple drum mode for your reference, and single drum winch and double drum winch are our hot-sale products. Various selections of the winches will meet a variety of specific requirements of your business.

Single drum winch and double drum drum winch also can be designed into electric type or hydraulic type. Considering various demands of our clients, our professional designers have designed kinds of winches for sale, please contact us if you are interested in this product.

single drum winch for sale
Single Drum Winch

double drum winch
Double Drum Winch

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50 Ton Electric Winch Or 50 Ton Hydraulic Winch?

We commonly provide two basic types of the winch, electric winch, and hydraulic winch. Electric winch is powered by electric system while hydraulic type winch is driven by hydraulic pump station. Both of them will improve your working efficiency. Besides,

When you browse this page, you perhaps want to buy a 50 ton winch. So what kind of winch 50 ton is best for your situations? Nowadays, electricity is easy to get access to for most area on this planet. Therefore, 50 ton electric winch is suitable for them, which has safe operation, high-cost performance, and low operational cost.

However, I know there are some places that electricity is not available and the winch is suitable for heavier loads. Therefore, 50 ton hydraulic winch is ideal for them, which has strong power, easy operation, and less maintenance. Which type of winch do you want? Contact us for professional and responsible consultation or get a free quotation.

hydraulic winch for sale
Hydraulic Winch For Sale

electric winch for sale
Electric Winch For Sale

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Various Applications Of 50 Ton Winch

50 ton winch can be used on land. 50 ton winch can be applied in construction, mines, factories, shipyards industry for lifting and pulling loads, and the electric winch is an ideal choice for the land base applications. There are various uses of this kind of winch including civil construction and installation of construction and installation companies, mining industry, factories, and installation of road and bridge engineering machines, etc.

In addition, our company also has various 50 ton marine winches for sale. The winch can be used to kinds of vessels for anchoring, mooring, towing operations. In line with these functions, our company has designed anchor winch, mooring winch and towing winch for our customers. If you have other requirements, such as a combination winch, the customized service can be provided.

electric winch for sale
50T Electric Mooring Winch

JM 50T Winch
JM 50T Winch

What is the cost of a 50 ton winch?

To make sure you get a completely accurate 50 ton winch price, it is necessary for us to know your exact requirements about the winch like lifting capacity, motive power, winch speed, drum capacity, etc. Because different applications require different winches, and different winches have different prices.

As we all know, the cost of a winch 50 ton is closely related to many factors. And each factor can greatly impact the price. If you have a strong interest in our winches, please tell us your needs about the winch, and then we will give you accurate information.

50T Winch For Sale
50T Winch For Sale

How To Choose An Ideal 50 Ton Winch?

50 ton winches belong to a heavy lifting and pulling machine, if you can select a reliable winch, the working efficiency of your business will be improved. Therefore, when you are planning to purchase the product, you are supposed to consider the following things

winch for sale
JM 50T Winch


Choosing Reasonable Wire Rope

Our company has so many winches with different purposes, and there are different safety factor requirements for these winches. The lifting winches have the rope applying a five-fold safety factor to the rope breaking strength, while pulling winches are commonly with a three-fold safety factor. Generally speaking, the lifting capacity will determine the length and diameter of rope.

Working Speed

According to the functions of the winch, there are slow speed winch and high speed winch. The slow speed winch is always suitable for short-distance and pulling operation to achieve accurate positioning. If efficiency is at a premium, you had better choose high speed winch. In addition, variable speed winch also can be used sometimes.

Power Source & Controls

The electric winch and hydraulic winch which are powered by motor and hydraulic pump station are our popular products for your reference. Besides, the diesel winch is a good choice for the specific demands of your projects.

Electric winch: push-button control box or remote control can be used.

Hydraulic winch: the winch can be controlled by flow or pressure regulators.

electric anchor winch for sale
Electric Anchor Winch

hydraulic winch for sale
Hydraulic Winch

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Electric Requirements

The motors and control box are designed with protection class IP54. If you want to choose marine winches, the motors can be IP65 totally enclosed non-ventilated. The explosion-proof motor and control box should be considered in the explosive environments.

Working Environment

The winches designed by our group have different kinds of applications. Construction winches are widely used in a number of different construction engineering projects, while the marine winches are usually applied on the boats or the shore. Perhaps you have some questions, welcome to put in touch with us, our professional and reliable team will help you choosing an ideal winch.

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Why Choose Us As Your Winch Supplier?

After nearly 40 years of development, we have accumulated plenty of advantages in the design, research, and production of winch. Because of the quality products and perfect service, our clients all think highly of our company, please contact us if you want to work with us.

  • Fast delivery: Located in Zhengzhou city, the capital of Henan province. We enjoy a highly convenient transportation condition, whether air transportation, land transportation or water transportation.
  • Superior quality: We have established a mature and excellent quality inspection system. Besides, we adopt durable material and advanced technology to make sure the top quality. And our products have been conferred international certificates.
  • Factory price: We are both a winch manufacturer and supplier, so all our products are factory price. Besides, because of the technology and market strengths, we have more competitive 50 ton winch price than many other winch solution providers.


What Is Mine Winch?

Mine winch is a specific product in our company, which is widely used in various mines for mining operations. The specific winch is used to lift and drag coal, copper, silver, iron and other kinds of minerals. Therefore, it is an ideal option for you if you are finding a winch for your mines.

The winch has lots of advantages of long service lift, high performance, advanced technology, accurate operation and less maintenance,etc. If you invest in mine winch, the working efficiency of your projects will be improved, the winch will serve your mines well.

Our customers think highly of the winches from us because of the high quality and excellent after-sales. If your mines need a winch, please consider the mine winch, which will help you complete the work well.

hydraulic mine winch for sale
Hydraulic Mine Winch

electric mine winch for sale
Electric Mine Winch

What About Our After-Sales Service?

As an international winch manufacturer and exporter, our products have been successfully exported to more than 100 countries and regions. And we provide comprehensive and global products after-sales service. Our service consists of winch project installation, inspection, maintenance, operators training.

Since we were founded, we have employed a professional service team and established excellent service system. Nowadays, we have set up a wonderful after-sales service around the world. And we provide fast and the best winch service to guarantee your rights.

What Brand Do We Choose For Our Electrical Appliances?

Commonly, we select Schneider, ABB, and other brands for export products. The quality of these brands is guaranteed. Because these brands are world-famous, it is easy to find an after-sales center in the local area, and replacement parts are also easy to buy.

In addition, all of the parts of our winches have high quality and good performance. Welcome to put in touch with us, and our staffs will help you choose an ideal winch.

How Long Is The Warranty Period Of Our Winches?
Our warranty period is one year, if any parts damaged or breakdown caused by quality problems within one year, we will provide free replacement parts. Artificial or damage caused by force majeure is not in the scope of our quality assurance.
What Kind Of Control Mode The Winch Operation Support?
We provide local control by default, and the control button is outside the electric cabinet. According to different customer needs, we can also provide remote control and control desk.
Can We Change Power Supply?
Our default power source is 3phase, 380V, 50hz, and we support 220V-480V in accordance with the requirements of different countries. Customers should inform the right one before production. The winch can provide single-phase power, but the production time is relatively long and the power supply is unstable. You had better use 3-phase power if possible.
What Are Our Other Products?
As one of the largest heavy equipment manufacturers, our products include quality winch, overhead crane, gantry crane, travel lift, steel structure, container reach stacker and hoist, etc. All our products are designed according to international standard. And we have conferred ISO, BV, CE international certifications. If you are interested in our 50 ton winch or other lifting machines, please email us and we will be glad to get back to you as soon as possible.

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