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50 Ton Mobile Boat Hoist for Fishing Boat Handling in Mexico

Our client has a salmon farm in Mexico. Aicrane provides a 50 ton mobile boat hoist for handling their fishing boat in the salmon farm. This mobile boat hoist has four tires and two straps.

50 Ton Mobile Boat Hoist for Mexico
50 Ton Mobile Boat Hoist for Mexico

Communicate and Identify Needs

The customers contacts us through our website and expresses their need for a marine boat hoist for their business. Our project consultant arranged meeting with them to get information about their fishing boat and exact detail of their fishing boat lifting need. Their fishing boat is not very heavy whether it is loaded with fish or not. So we recommend a 50 ton mobile boat hoist for their need. Then we provide a free quote for the recommended 50 ton mobile boat hoist.

Production and Testing Process

The customers are satisfied with the marine travel lift solution and we initiate the production process. The different components of the marine boat lift are produced and our customer service team constantly provide images and video to our customer.

50 Ton Mobile Boat Hoist in Factory
50 Ton Mobile Boat Hoist in Factory
Side View of 50 Ton Marine Boat Hoist
Side View of 50 Ton Marine Boat Hoist

After the production process, all of the components of the marine boat lift provided by Aicrane are installed together in our factory. The whole mobile boat hoist undergoes many operation testing process. The hoists are tested to move back and forth on the girder. They can also lift and lower a heavy container in the loading test process. The mobile boat hoist has several operation modes and it can move towards different direction. This testing video shows some of its movement modes.

Mobile Boat Hoist’s Application in Salmon Farming Industry

Mobile boat hoists play a crucial role in the salmon farming industry by facilitating the handling, maintenance, and transportation of salmon farming vessels and equipment. These marine boat hoists are specifically designed to lift and launch boats, barges, and other watercraft with precision and efficiency.

In the salmon farming industry, mobile boat hoists are used to lift salmon farming vessels in and out of the water for inspection, maintenance, repair, and transportation. They also aid in the installation and removal of fish cages, nets, and feeding systems. By providing a safe and efficient means of handling aquatic equipment, mobile boat hoists contribute to the smooth operation and management of salmon farming operations, ensuring the optimal health and productivity of farmed salmon.

The 50 ton mobile boat hoist is now transported to the salmon farm in Mexico. Aicrane also provides marine travel lift and many other equipment for fishing industry and shipyard. If you have any need to these products, feel free to contact us.

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