5 Ton Grab Gantry Crane Installation In Thailand

5 ton grab gantry crane can offer high efficiency lifting ability for project. Our design has strong lifting power in operation process. It has the customized grab, which can help the users grab various materials like rubbish, steel structure, and other head loads. It has wide applications like construction site, factory, mine, landfill, etc. If you have needs, let’s have good talk about grab gantry crane operation.

5t grab double girder gantry crane

5 ton single girder grab gantry crane design

Besides grab, there are various grab gantry crane structure for design like frequency converter, trolley, cable reel electrical cabinet, electric room, ladder, running motor rain cover, etc. These main structures ensure the safety of crane running.

Main structure


electric room

running motor rain cover


Various advantages

  1. The grab has various modes and the customers can choose to customize the design.
  2. The electric room can ensure the operator have the safety working.
  3. The frequency converter can supply different speed to lift materials.
  4. The ladder can provide the convenient installation and maintenance for service team.
  5. The Running motor rain cover can protect the motor in rainy day.

5 ton grab gantry crane for sale

The double girder 5 ton gantry crane has strong lifting power for users. The crane design has high reputation in market. If you have needs, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. You will receive the professional crane design from us.

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