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32ton double girder gantry crane

Aicrane Solution for Containers Handling

Basic Information of the Project

Atyrau, Kazakhstan
AQ-MGH double girder container crane
Used for containers handling
Delivery time:
75 working days
Installation time:
May, 2023
Installation method:
On-site installation guidance

Video of the 32 ton Container Gantry Crane

How Did Aicrane Cooperate with the Customer?

Customer’s Initial Requirements

The customer initially sought a gantry crane capable of handling both 40-foot and 20-foot shipping containers. Given the relatively low daily container volume, we swiftly presented a detailed proposal focused on cost efficiency, recommending hooks with a basic container spreader. Following six rounds of collaborative discussions and adjustments, we reached a mutually satisfactory solution.

rail mounted gantry crane

The Customer’s Final Choice

Based on the project specifications and our proposed solutions, Тимур decided to purchase our AQ-MGH European-style double girder gantry crane with a lifting capacity of 32 tons, a span of 30 meters, a lifting height of 13 meters, and designed for A5 work duty.
AQ-MGH European gantry crane

Crane Manufacturing

Upon receipt of the customer’s advance payment, we immediately commenced the production process for the crane. The crane was packaged according to international transport standards to ensure its safe delivery to Atyrau. Throughout the production phase, our customer service team provided regular updates on the manufacturing progress through photos and videos, allowing the customer to stay informed about the entire production process.
Crane Production

Container Crane Delivered to Atyrau, Kazakhstan

We have a dedicated shipping department responsible for equipment delivery and providing all necessary customs clearance documents. Upon completing production, we coordinated with the freight forwarder to confirm transportation arrangements, ensuring the smooth and timely arrival of the crane equipment at the customer’s site.

crane delivery

ontainer Handling Crane Installation

Before installation, we created a 3D installation video to assist Тимур’s team, who had limited experience in this area. The installation of the crane’s steel structure, lifting mechanism, and trolley operation proceeded smoothly. In May 2023, we sent engineers to provide on-site support with electrical components and commissioning. Within two days, the engineers successfully adjusted and ensured the equipment was operating normally, receiving high praise from Тимур for their expertise and professionalism.

gantry crane installation
gantry crane 32ton installation
Gantry Crane Commissioning

Now the gantry container crane and all the accessories have been completely tested, and they work reliably as expected. You can check the following video to know the 32 ton container handling crane and European standard trolley commissioning in the logistics station.

Customer Feedback

customer from Kazakhstan

Mr. Тимур:

Regarding Our Product

“We are satisfied with the gantry crane product quality and performance. After the commissioning, the whole crane equipment runs smoothly and safely as we expect. We are willingly to recommend Aicrane to potential customers seeking similar container crane equipment.”

Regarding Our Service

“Aicrane team is very professional in offering prompt service, technical support, and commitment to the promises. We are deeply impressed by the engineers’ professional and helpful assistance during the installation process. We are looking forward to cooperating with Aicrane again in the near future.”

Aicrane Comprehensive Service

pre-sale service

Pre-Sale Services: Customized drawing & solution offered;
Online/Offline factory visit;
Zoom meeting.


Sale services: Drawing & solution submitted & confirmed;
Production process updated;
Documents submitted & confirmed.

after-sale service

After-sale services: Installation manual/video provided;
Online guidance provided;
Site guidance provided.

Further Cooperation With Mr. Тимур

Aicrane maintains regular communication with Тимур to ensure his equipment operates smoothly and promptly addresses any inquiries. We provide suggestions for routine maintenance and upkeep to ensure the long-term stability of the equipment. Additionally, we keep Тимур updated on our latest products and technological advancements, enabling him to stay informed about industry trends.

Our goal is to cultivate long-term partnerships by consistently delivering value and support to our clients. The collaboration between Aicrane and Тимур exemplifies a successful partnership, reinforcing our commitment to customer satisfaction and the continuous improvement of our products and services. We look forward to further strengthening our relationship with Тимур and serving as a trusted partner for his future equipment needs!