12 ton waterfall-type hydraulic winch in Philippines

12 ton waterfall-type hydraulic winch is the popular winch machine in marine areas. It is suitable for boats and dock in marine areas. We have the oversea officials in Philippines. If you have some problems, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. We can help you deal with different problems.

12 ton waterfall-type hydraulic winch for Maldives customer
hydraulic winch
waterfall-type hydraulic winch

pump station and winch

hydraulic winch machine

cable arranging device

12 ton winch exported to port of Manila

Fist, we have the short time exported to port of Manila in Philippines. Our team can offer the installation and maintenance. There are various products in shopping like sweet mango. In night, we visit the liquid crystal, which is a beautiful city.

The advantages of 12 ton winch

Rope arranging device

Hydraulic pump station

Remote control operation control.

Safety operation system

Advanced design with professional standard

Friendly environment for marine operation

Long service life and stable operation

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