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10 Ton Overhead Crane Was On Its Way To Kazakhstan

A 10 ton AQ-LD single girder overhead crane was on its way to Kazakhstan. It will be used to lift steel materials in the customer’s plant. This crane is equipped with a 10 ton wire rope hoist, which is also provided by Aicrane. According to the budget and some requirements of the project, we offer the cost-effective 10 ton AQ-LD single girder crane to the customer.

Aicrane 10 Ton Crane To Kazakhstan
10 Ton Overhead Crane To Kazakhstan

Aicrane Wire Rope Hoist
Wire Rope Hoist

10 Ton Bridge Crane Production In Aicrane Factory

Aicrane has own factory, and we adopt advanced equipments and technologies to manufacture overhead cranes. There are so many customers visiting Aicrane factory, and they usually accept our cranes quality. Besides, we have provided the production pictures for the client, so the customer could know the 10 ton bridge crane production progress.

Aicrane Crane Production
Crane Production

Aicrane Beam Production
Beam Production

Delivery Of 10 Ton Overhead Crane To Kazakhstan

This crane is delivered with a 5 ton pillar jib crane to Kazakhstan. The beams and column of the jib crane are all packed in color band cloth. This kind of material is waterproof, which can protect the product from water. About other parts like electric hoist and electrical parts, we adopt anti-collision wooden box to pack.

Delivery Of Aicrane Crane
Delivery Of The Crane

Aicrane Crane Delivery
Crane Delivery

Why The Customer Choose 10 Ton AQ-LD Overhead Crane?

  • Aicrane 10 ton AQ-LD overhead crane is popular with many customers. It has many advantages of simple structure, easy operation and maintenance and long service life, etc. Especially, this kind of crane has relatively low price than European overhead crane. If you have enough budget and need a crane with higher performance, we advise you to choose the European standard overhead crane.
  • From the production to delivery, we always respond positively to customers’ questions. Therefore, the customer thinks highly of the service of Aicrane. If you have interest in the overhead crane 10 ton, please contact us, and our engineers will provide the suitable crane solutions for you.

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