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10 Ton Overhead Crane & Steel Structure Was Installed In Uzbekistan

Aicrane has provided an AQ-LD 10 ton single girder overhead crane and steel structure workshop for the customer in Uzbekistan. The overhead crane and steel structure were installed successfully under the help of Aicrane engineers. This crane is mainly used for lifting production materials in workshop. If you want to know more details about this case, please continue to read this post.

10 Ton Overhead Crane In Uzbekistan
10 Ton Overhead Crane In Uzbekistan

Steel Structure Workshop Solution Provided By Aicrane

  • Aicrane can provide not only various overhead cranes, but also the matched steel structure. At early communication, the customer told us he expected that Aicrane could design a suitable and cost-effective single span steel structure workshop together with the 10 ton overhead crane.
  • Our professional engineers provided several kinds of steel structure solutions according to the special requirements of our customer. Besides, the workshop is equipped with crane beams to support the overhead crane. The customer finally was satisfied with the solutions, and then he determined to purchase steel structure from Aicrane.

Steel Structure
Steel Structure In Uzbekistan

Crane Steel Structure
Crane Steel Structure

Some Details Of 10 Ton AQ-LD Overhead Crane

This single girder crane has simple structure, relatively low price, and it usually works with electric hoists. The operating temperature ranges from -20°C to 40°C. You can use it in factories, warehouses, machining workshops. paper industry, and steel industry, etc.


Get To Know Aicrane Through An Old Customer In Uzbekistan

The customer said he heard Aicrane when he communicated with our old customer in Uzbekistan. This old customer purchased an AQ-LD 20 ton overhead crane from Aicrane, and he expressed that  Aicrane was with high-quality cranes and excellent services. After that, the customer trusted Aicrane more and then put in touch with us.

Other Overhead Crane Cases In Uzbekistan

The following cases are some overhead cranes in Uzbekistan. If you plan to invest in an overhead crane, please contact us.

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