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10 Ton European Standard Overhead Crane Installed In Uzbekistan

Congratulations! Aicrane 10 ton AQ-HD European standard single girder overhead crane was successfully installed and debugged in Uzbekistan. The lifting height of this crane is 10.5m, and the work duty is A5. It is used for lifting many machines in the customer’s warehouse. We have received thanks and praise from the customer in Uzbekistan.

10 ton European standard overhead crane
10 Ton Overhead Crane In Uzbekistan

What Did We Do For The Customer In Uzbekistan

  • Fast Response: The customer has purchased two overhead cranes from Aicrane before. In this case, the customer said he had a new warehouse and needed another overhead crane. Our project consultant responded quickly to the customer, and conveyed the customer’s requirements to technicians.
  • Suitable Crane Solution Provided: The customer told us his budget, materials to be lifted and the size of his warehouse, and then our technicians recommended 10 ton single beam European standard overhead crane with 10.5m lifting height to the customer. Additionally, we also provided a European standard hoist together with the crane.
  • Production & Inspection: When the crane was in production, the production pictures are sent to the customer per week by Aicrane customer service team. What’s more, the crane has passed strict inspection before shipment, which can guarantee the high quality of the crane.

Main Beam
Main Beam

End Beams
End Beams

  • Package & Delivery: The hoist and electrical devices were packed in export wooden box, which would minimize possible equipment damage during transportation. About steel frame like main beam and end beam were packed in waterproof cloth.
  • Installation: Aicrane has built service center in Uzbekistan, and our engineers can go to the installation site soon. The process of installation was smooth, and the crane could work well after debugging.

Overhead crane installation
Crane Installation

Electrical System
Electrical System

Aicrane Installation Engineer
Aicrane Installation Engineer

Aicrane Installation Team
Aicrane Installation Team

Looking Forward To Working With You!

Aicrane has various types of cranes to be suitable for different industries, and the customized service can also be offered. If you have interest in the case, welcome to contact us, and our project consultant and technicians will help you choose an ideal machine.

  • Our Crane Project Consultant
    Our Crane Project Consultant

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